Chicago Homeless Man Arrested for Trying to Steal Jeep from Crystal Lake’s Brilliance Honda

Richard A. White

From the Crystal Lake Police comes this arrest record for Chicago homeless man Richard A. White on April 1, 2021:

  • 20-5.0/16-30-A-1 IDENTITY THEFT/<$300 Charges: 1
  • 720-5.0/16-1-A-1 THEFT / UNAUTHD CON >100K-500K Charges: 1

He was trying to obtain a Jeep Grand Cherokee from Brilliance Honda.

Here is more information about the charges:

Count 1

Count 2

Count 3


Chicago Homeless Man Arrested for Trying to Steal Jeep from Crystal Lake’s Brilliance Honda — 15 Comments

  1. Pictured above is your typical low I.Q. DEMOCRAT voter who feels
    he is entitled to reoperations from White owned businesses.

    Stay tuned for the upcoming riots and lootings which are sure to follow
    the Chauvin verdict and remember this, it’s all done in the name of “social justice”.

  2. Stupid is, stealing a piece of junk Chrysler product, with plenty of CRVs to choose from.


  3. No longer a “Chrysler” product.

    Stellantis is the new name for Chrysler/Fiat.

  4. H.A. LOL>…

    that’s Mr Homie to us…LOL…

    i wanna know what kind of mark up is on them jeeps at 87K the highest one i know of is around 55K… in that model.

  5. The Dealer should be up on charges too for trying to sell a Grand Cherokee for nearly 90 Grand, unless it was a Trackhawk model.

    Must have thrown in the rust proofing and extended warranty before Mr White couldnt produce the proper credentials with the Finance guy to stop the deal at the closing— and realize the tables were turned on them in the rip off department.

    Let him go, this is a crime of non violence and have him get back to being homeless like Pritzker wants.

  6. I can’t figure out why reasonable people would not want to do business with these people.

  7. These Nogs are here on the Section 8 dime, our dime.

    A black crook named white is still a black criminal.

  8. You silly racists need to get your theme straight.

    1. You hate him because he’s homeless and black
    2. Because he’s from Chicago and black
    3. Because he’s in section 8 housing and black

    Or you could keep it simple: you just hate him for being black.

  9. Disagree in part with Abe.

    In my opinion, ID theft is a high IQ crime.

    Low IQ crime is just like strong arm carjacking.

    This guy was witty.

    I always felt like the criminal justice system could use people like that in a smart way.

    I don’t quite know how yet — have not worked out the details, but I’ve seen movies like that…

    How did a bum get so far in this operation?

    He’s not as dumb as you think.

  10. There is absolutely no discrimination nor racism, or systemic racism as the idiot in the whitehouse proclaims, in having disgust and disdain for the criminal element.

  11. Martin, sadly, because he’s Black anything said against him is turned around as being a racist.

    Were I to posit that he’s a crook that needs to be punished, somebody will say I’m a racist even if I’ve not seen a photo of him or heard him described as being Black.

    Some social justice warrior who does know that he’s Black will immediately make the assumption that I am racist.

    That’s the sad state of our world and you rushing to judgment as YOU have only perpetuate that sad state of affairs.

  12. I just pointed out that the paperwork cop said the homeless man is from Chicago.

    Though he is homeless.

    Cal calls him a Chicago homeless man.

    One commenter says he is here for section 8 housing.

    Which means not homeless, but dings on the racist stereotype that section 8 is about black people.

    Or he is actually homeless, so he is “from” wherever he was this morning or yesterday or last night.

    Or grew up.

  13. Martin, invite him into your home. But I warn you, he might not like your gay lifestyle.

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