IL-16: James Marter Formally Relaunches Challenge Against Adam Kinzinger

James Marter

From James Marter’s congressional campaign:

Marter Makes It Official, Calls For Kinzinger To Resign

Oswego, IL (April 20, 2021) – James Marter made it official last week, filing with the FEC as a candidate for Congress in IL 16. Over the weekend, Marter spoke at a large LaSalle County Reagan Day Dinner and now calls for Adam Kinzinger to resign for dereliction of duty as a Republican Congressman.

“Adam can’t resist spending our tax dollars and voted for every ‘Omnibus’ bill during his over a decade in Congress.

“He supports radical gun control, attacks elected members of his party, and has taken on new roles as ‘PACman’ and media darling for the #FakeNews.

“He’s been waging war on Republicans since before I challenged him in 2018. He claimed to be a conservative, but has governed like a radical leftist.

“The people of the 16th District have had enough.

“With the dangerous, single-party rule in Washington, we can’t afford to elect someone more likely to attack the people of his district than represent them.

“That’s why I’m all in to take care of unfinished business.”

James Marter, 4/20/21


Many Illinois Republican organizations voted to censure Kinzinger, including Will, LaSalle, and Iroquois, with DeKalb County issuing a strong rebuke of his actions.

Marter’s grassroots supporters know his record is second to none when it comes to working alongside people and organizations fighting to protect our God-given, constitutionally enshrined rights: LIFE, the right to keep and bear arms, religious liberty and all the freedoms and opportunities Americans want to preserve for future generations.

“Adam’s too busy attacking Republicans and raking in cash for the PAC he resurrected from John McCain, to be concerned about counties in Illinois that cast more ballots than they had registered voters.

“He regularly shows disdain for institutions my fellow Republicans and I hold dear, criticizing churches and characterizing military vets as prone to radicalization.

“He has labeled 75 million Trump voters as tribalistic, implied Senator Johnson (R-WI) is a racist and was left of Nancy Pelosi in calling for the resignations of Republicans over unproven allegations.

“His own family said in writing they were embarrassed by him.

“He even went so far as to accuse a GOP women’s group of having ‘broken’ politics, merely for believing that Republicans should be afforded due process.

“Basically, Adam’s toxic and finished. I’m going to bring representation back to IL 16. Join the fight at Marter4Congress.US.”

James Marter, 4/20/21


IL-16: James Marter Formally Relaunches Challenge Against Adam Kinzinger — 13 Comments

  1. Again, get with Trump and see who he is going to back and let that person run against Zinger.

    Don’t muddy the water.

  2. All he will do is be a spoiler, like he was last time in 14.

    Someone should give him a talking to…..

  3. “Relaunches Challenge”

    Yikes and yawn indeed. When people talk about this race they talk about Kinzinger, Lauf, and Lombardi.
    That’s where the energy is.

    The only people I’ve heard mention Marter were a handful upper-middle aged activists (you know those dorks you see at every event) who refuse to acknowledge Marter’s awful record running for office and inability to raise money.

    I saw on the FEC’s site that a guy named Geno Young is running too.

    Good grief!

    And the dude lives in Chicago lol.

    Only one Democrat has tossed her hat in the ring.

    Is that proof that the district will be deleted or are Democrats just more patient, waiting to see what the district will look like before declaring?

    I don’t know, but that juxtaposition was interesting to see.

    Though at least Marter released his numbers (as low and embarrassing as they were).

    Can’t say that about Jack Lombardi.

    That could be a sign that Lombardi is doing bad at raising money or maybe he just forgot to file (neither of those reflect well on him).

    This race is a disaster — a constant state of facepalming.

    Please just delete this district and release us from the misery.

  4. If nothing else he will die a Marter…hahahaha.

    Get it?

    A Martyr….

    I’m so punny I crack myself up.

  5. Hopefully the communists will run a strong candidate against the Effeminate Kinzinger in the general election.

    It could not be worse.

  6. Yeah, he’s sacrificed himself before.

    The joke is not original.

    Marter the martyr lost to Mark Kirk in the Republican primary for senate.

    He lost to Adam Kinzinger in the Republican primary for congress.

    Then he lost another primary to Jim Oberweis.

    Marter finished 5th place last time he ran iirc.

  7. New blood needed.

    Thanks for your service – let’s move on.

    That being said everyone has the liberty to run should they so choose.

  8. Marter is better than Lauf and Kinzinger combined.

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