Scams, Thefts in Huntley — 7 Comments

  1. haha Huntley

    you will never compete with Harvard

    we have the corner on the stupid market

  2. Prim taking another trip to Israel? Maybe he could take Franks and his undersheriff with.

  3. More section 8 benefits for our area.

    Diversity = high crime rates!

  4. The above report of thefts is typical of the HPD.

    It lacks the valuable details of said thefts (and other crimes) because
    the HPD as well as the political power structure does not want the
    citizenry to know about them, thereby threatening their little fiefdom
    which they control.

    This, of course, would be bad for their comfortable
    positions and livelihoods.

    The tax paying citizens of Huntley have a right to know that information for their
    own protection and security.

  5. H.em, … Thieves,Liars all of em… if they don’t like our LAW abiding country there are plenty of other LAWLESS COUNTRIES TO MOVE TO GET OUT!

    and if you need some names of them ask.

  6. Pack the section 8 freeloaders and thugs on planes back to Africa.

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