Another School Mandate on House Floor

It’s so easy for legislators to decide what school boards should do.

Consider this one:

The article can be found here.


Another School Mandate on House Floor — 12 Comments

  1. More virtue signaling from the Leftist pussies in Illinois state government.

  2. Then why do you always sound like you’re in the middle of PMS

  3. I know alot of snowflakes who never get off the crying and whining that their parents and teachers have taught them, menstrual products are probably needed for all the “pats and karens”

    they love to push them all together thinking its just fine that all chit together so why not this???

    if i had kids these days they would all be home schooled

    there is no way in hell i would let my kid go to any of these libs schools, getting un-educated where everyone is a winner and the dumbing down of America the Great…

    it sickening…

  4. Your right Gary, I need to be more like you, a red neck homophobic misogynistic racist.

    Hunker down the Armageddon is upon us.

    Grab your cross and rifle we’re gonna have us a rally, maybe burn a few books.

  5. Citizens overwhelmingly agree on public funding of educations.

    Citizens overwhelmingly disagree with what is/is not happening in publicly funded schools.

    Let the money per student follow the student.

    Privatize schooling for all ages.

    Colleges have been doing this for ages.

    If parents want to have their children in experimental gender assignment schools let them make that choice.

    The BOE at the Federal level then actually becomes relevant in that they set and maintain minimum national educational standards with the fringe lunatic being able to send their children to learn whatever lunacy they wish on top of the basic three R’s.

    Survival of the fittest.

    Lunatics make up such a small portion of our society and yet disproportionately influence public policy.

    They will learn to stop it by these peaceful steps of live and let live or they will learn Americans are middle of the road non lunatics who can stop this garbage anytime they wish.


    The loonies are choosing.

    How do Americans respond?

    Comment on a blog or visit the nearest legislator wherever they are and explain lunacy is NOT how We The People wish to be governed?


    No action is choosing by the way.

  6. There is no reason to require the placement of these products for eight year olds, but I guess the purpose of this law is to help indoctrinate the kids that there are actually 72 genders while they are still young and impressionable.

    In any case, the law of unintended consequences is going to bite back hard on this one.

    The schools will soon grow very tired of the pranks that the boys will commit using the menstrual products.

  7. GenderQueers ruled my kids’ middle school.

    Until I pulled them out!

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