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  1. Cal, maybe you should run, everyone else is. On Wednesday, Marsha Williams announced her candidacy for the 16th Congressional district seat in the upcoming 2022 election. Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R) currently holds office.

    Williams prioritizes her campaign on raising awareness on maternal mortality, affordable healthcare, lowering prescription costs, immigration, criminal justice reform, and providing the public with transparency regarding issues and changes.

    Williams is a graduate of Purdue Global University with a Bachelor of Science in Legal Studies. She has spent the past three years working at a trade school and has worked with over 500 low-income individuals on career improvement training.

    This is Williams’ first run at a public office. clipped from Internet

  2. That shirt is a hate crime in Minneapolis and Lightfoot’s disintegrating Chiraq

  3. This needs to have one more word added to it “SOROS”

  4. McCarthy was proven correct not-so-innocent ape:

    “So what do we know 67 years later? For one thing, that McCarthy actually underestimated the number of American Soviet spies working for the USSR in the FDR administration.

    “It took a while, but in 1994 NSA and CIA released 190,000 formerly classified cablegrams they, and their predecessor agencies, intercepted from 1943 to 1980.

    “The number of American Soviet agents identified from Venona has reached 500, more than double the 205 McCarthy predicted — as researchers have decrypted only ten percent of the documents thus far.”

    Excerpted from:

  5. Per WIKI, here is an American who fought the commies back in the 1940’s:

    “Herbert Arthur Philbrick (May 11, 1915 – August 16, 1993) was a Boston-area advertising executive who was encouraged by the FBI to infiltrate the Communist Party USA between 1940 and 1949.[2] His autobiography was the basis for the 1950s television series I Led 3 Lives.”

    Who would have thought back then that in 2021 that the US has a major political party, not Republican, has members who are hard left socialists and some are wannabe commies.

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