Naperville State Senate Wants Another Holiday

From State Senator Laura Ellman:

Ellman pushes to include Muslim history in Illinois schools

SPRINGFIELD – Legislation sponsored by State Senator Laura Ellman (D-Naperville) designed to recognize the historical and present-day contributions of Muslim culture in the state of Illinois passed the State Senate on Wednesday.

“This legislation is meant to raise awareness of the contributions made by the Muslim community across the nation and the state of Illinois,” Ellman said.

“It’s our responsibility to ensure all Illinoisans feel represented in this state, and that begins by making sure students learn about people like them in school.”

The measure would require all Illinois public schools to cover contributions made by Muslims and Muslim Americans in history classes.

Currently, the teaching of history in Illinois public schools must include the roles of African Americans and other ethnic groups.

This legislation would emphasize the importance of Muslim contributions in the state of Illinois.

The measure would also honor one of the most famous practicing Muslims in modern American history by creating a new commemorative state holiday, declaring Jan. 17 Muhammad Ali Day in Illinois.

“Muhammad Ali was notorious for his bravado in the ring, but many don’t know about his quiet lifelong philanthropic efforts,” Ellman said.

“He truly floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee.”

Senate Bill 564 passed the Illinois Senate with a vote of 46-3 and will now head to the Illinois House of Representatives for further consideration.


Naperville State Senate Wants Another Holiday — 10 Comments

  1. What about the Native Americans, don’t they deserve a holiday or would that be a bridge too far
    for the virtue signaling Naperville DEMOCRATS ?

    While we’re at it let’s throw in one for the Jews too just, to be politically correct.

  2. Why would anyone be opposed to the teaching of any sort of history ?

  3. How about how the moslem’s Traded in black and white Slaves?

  4. Sorry according to BLM none of us exist…

    no one has any history here in our land…

    no go …

    you want to learn about your roots go to another land…

    you can’t learn this if you can’t learn the truth..

    about USA ..

  5. Out of morbid curiosity, how much time would be spent on 9/11 in Moslem history class?

  6. The KORAN specifically states to kill ALL Infidels.

    That’s you and I, boys and girls.

    Wake up!

  7. The contributions of Christianity to Western Civilization, CIVILIZATION!, would be good history lessons for all children in schools throughout Illinois and our Nation. From WIKI:

    “Christianity has been intricately intertwined with the history and formation of Western society. Throughout its long history, the Church has been a major source of social services like schooling and medical care; an inspiration for art, culture and philosophy; and an influential player in politics and religion. In various ways it has sought to affect Western attitudes towards vice and virtue in diverse fields.

    Christians have made a myriad contributions to human progress in a broad and diverse range of fields, both historically and in modern times, including the science and technology,[11][12][13][14][15] medicine,[16] fine arts and architecture,[17][18][19] politics, literatures,[19] Music,[19] philanthropy, philosophy,[20][21][22]:15 ethics,[23] theatre and business.”

  8. Where’s Steve Pokorny preaching his queer history and BLM negrolatry?

    A sickie. Why warp kids’ minds?

    I do not worship LeBron and Lady Ga-gag.

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