Woman in 70’s Dies of Coronavirus

The Illinois Department of Public Health reports the following McHenry County Covid-19 death:

  • 1 female 70s


Woman in 70’s Dies of Coronavirus — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you Cindy.

    Red pilling isn’t easy.

    Most think it’s crazy conspiracy theories.

    Mind blowing to find out the world we live in we thought was reality, isn’t even close!

  2. Thank you, out. Been fighting the good fight for years now. It’s nice to have someone that can use critical thinking on one’s side. God bless you and yours.

  3. outwiththeold? P.S. Stay away from the persistent gaslighters like Joesph ^ There are MANY all over this blog. They aren’t very smart or witty in the least. Those that would deny your reality are not worthy of your time. Keep fighting the good fight! We know who we are. God sees us. Lean on Him.

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