Message of the Day – Bye-Bye

A Friend of McHenry County Blog found this U-Haul truck on Route 31 bearing a handmade sign saying,

“Bye Bye Illinois. Liberal Democrats have ruined Illinois.”

The sign on the back of the U-Haul truck says, “Bye Bye Illinois. Liberal Democrats have ruined Illinois.”


Message of the Day – Bye-Bye — 12 Comments

  1. Fleeing Hellinois before the summer burning, looting and shooting season starts.

    Illinois is best viewed in your rear view mirror when leaving.

    Best wishes and good luck !

  2. For years, I’ve maintained a financial model to objectively evaluate the cost of living in IL vs. other destinations to retire.

    While IL is quite high, the difference isn’t enough to increase urgency to leave, politics aside.

    Key: Not taxing retirement income, something that extends beyond the pensioners that are breaking us
    Some facts:

    Our real estate taxes are off the charts because there is no control over school spending

    Our homeowner’s insurance is much lower than other areas of the country, where the difference is in the thousands (e.g., Myrtle Beach.)

    – Depending on where in FL, HOI is significantly higher than IL, and they’re facing serious cost and regulatory issues that may drive those costs higher

    Healthcare costs vary widely

    Sales tax varies widely

    State income tax varies

    – While FL has none, NC is fixed and taxes retirement, WI and SC are high, etc.

    Some states have annual personal property taxes (VA is one)

    Home prices in some states can be higher for a comparably-sized home

    IL still sucks because of years of the damage Madigan did, but a big-picture view shows it’s not as bad as you might think.

    Then there are other things to consider: weather, family, things to do, etc.

  3. Seems you conveniently omitted the Black Plague crimewave and it’s associated costs
    from your pro Vs con list – I wonder why.

  4. I like small town northern Illinois life.

    In Paradise Lost, Satan is traveling from the lake of fire toward earth, his plan being to ruin God’s favorite new plaything, humanity.

    Along the way, he stops and considers asking forgiveness from God, knowing he’d be forgiven.

    But he won’t, he can’t, he is too proud and too evil.

    He says he really cannot escape hell.

    “Everywhere I fly is hell. Myself am hell.”

    The grammar is 17th century, but the meaning is modern.

    Whether you’re Satan or modern human, your life, environment, state, attitudes are going to be defined by you wherever you go.

    I’ve met people living happy and contented lives in very poor countries, and miserable millionaires here and elsewhere.

  5. Some of the comments about the grass could be greener on the other side are true.

    We left for Colorado and returned.

    The cost of living is outrageous there now.

    A 1500 sq ft townhouse would be in the $400k range out in the suburbs.

    Don’t forget some people have water bills that are $300+ a month (no joke).

    So yeah Hellinois sucks a fat tube steak, but we have some of the best food in the county here!

    We the Illinois residents should take back this state of Lincoln and return it to it’s Republican roots.

  6. @eminclake and Chevelle though the variances may be true with property tax, income tax on elderly etc you have to take other things as well.

    Moving to Colorado is crazy now.

    It’s Calif light.

    Corruption vs peace of mind.

    If it’s a wash or pretty close then move.

    There are plenty of places outside of the certain hot spots.

    Gulf coast, Texas, Eastern Oklahoma, Savannah, GA., North Carolina, Iowa, Idaho, Montana, Utah.

    Plenty of nice places depending on your flavor and away from the corruption and POS state of Illinois.

  7. Eminlake, start thinking outside the box of the USA.

    There are many splendid destinations outside that crumbling box.

  8. Yeah, I’ve considered overseas destinations, having lived abroad a couple of times and travelled throughout the world.

    Even so, it would likely be temporary since the good ‘ol US of A is home and, divided as it is, still ok.

    My main point earlier is really that a serious look at cost shows that you could do worse–in some cases much worse–and you could do much better.

    I agree with Chevelle about Colorado after looking very closely moving there, where I do have family and could even have Pioneer plates.

    Money is only one part of the equation, and understandably an important part.

    I’m tired of the long winters and don’t mind humidity, so I’ll eventually head out.

    But if I had family here, then there are plenty of reasons to stay.

  9. Look at Latvia.

    Back the Blue?


    I’ll only do that on a case by case basis.

    There is a debate to be had about police conduct.

    I’m not going to back the blue unconditionally after Charlottesville, Ashli Babbit, and the ruthless manhunt for January 6 protestors.

    Derek Chauvin, who married a Hmong refugee (who promptly filed for divorce 3 days after her hisban’s arrest) would have carried out the same orders against us.

    However, what Derek Chauvin did to George Floyd isn’t even close to what happened to white man Daniel Shaver, gunned down in a hotel hallway by a police officer who was later acquitted and was paid for his mental suffering.

    This is all about race, not police.

    I expect police will crack down further on law-abiding whites while ignoring black crime.

    The howls for Derek Chauvin’s head were primal.

    I haven’t heard such cries of triumph since O.J. Simpson was acquitted.

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