Message of the Day – Moving

Both the Chicago Tribune and Illinois Policy had negative messages about Illinois’ population loss:

The Tribune played off the President State of the State speech.
Illinois Policy wrote of a family who moved to Tennessee.


Message of the Day – Moving — 6 Comments

  1. I hope Tabitha doesn’t vote the same way she probably did in Chicago.

    Unfortunately blue state locusts seem to bring the left wing many state and corruption with them.

  2. Today is May Day so check the streams for comfy protest videos in major cities.

    You can use YouTube filters to get LIVE videos.

  3. Civil War coming folks.

    Why is the federal regime, under both Trump and Xiden, buying up ammo in huge quantities and stockpiling it to create scarcity and drive up costs.

    Why are domestic ammo makers not expanding production as would be expected using ordinary business models?

    What’s going on?

    Civil War coming.

  4. That’s a small plant.

    And all its output is already committed, and Remington is neck deep in govt contracts, and not just American federal contracts, either. Look at their shareholders’ annual report.

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