Wilcox Seeks Written Praise for Police Officers

From State Senator Craig Wilcox:

Senator Craig Wilcox to host appreciation card drive for local police officers

WOODSTOCK, IL- National Police Week is May 9-15, and State Senator Craig Wilcox (R-Woodstock) is seeking assistance from residents throughout the 32nd Senate District to send a hearty thank you to law enforcement for their work in keeping our communities safe.

“These dedicated public servants put their lives on the line daily and without hesitation,” said Sen. Wilcox. “They are deserving of our deepest gratitude, and I’m hoping the community participates in my card drive to show their thanks.”

Sen. Wilcox is asking people to mail or drop off cards, handwritten notes, encouraging and uplifting stories, drawings, etc. by Thursday, May 13 to his Woodstock office, located at 5400 W. Elm Street, Suite # 103.

He and his staff will personally deliver the notes/drawings to police officers throughout the 32nd District.

“In addition to participating themselves, I hope community members will help spread the word about this card drive,” added Sen. Wilcox. “Our police officers need to know they are supported and appreciated, and I look forward to showering them with kindness through this card drive.”

Sen. Wilcox is also encouraging residents to display blue outdoor house lights during the week of May 9-15, and to extend a verbal thank you as they encounter police officers during the course of their day.


Wilcox Seeks Written Praise for Police Officers — 8 Comments

  1. Wilcox does the same nothingburger feel-good publicity stunts and impotent press releases that Reick, Ugaste, Weber, and McConchie do but he almost never gets criticized on this blog by the reactionary LARPers.

    He’s not a particularly effective legislator either and I suspect his voting record isn’t that much different than any of theirs.

    I wonder if a lot of these people are ignorant or if they are D and C shills sent from the BlueAnon cult.

    The truth is these people CAN’T do anything tangible.

    Look at who controls the government.

    It’s just numbers.

    If Democrats are a majority and they oppose you, you’re finished.

    You’ll never get what you want.

    I try to not get down on them *too* much for not being able to pass stuff (though it can be very frustrating), but I get annoyed when they do publicity stunts to try to be relevant.

    It reeks of desperation.

    We’ll see how much Wilcox supports and appreciates the police when the first and second amendment are gotten rid of by leftist judges and then it’s codified by leftist lawmakers, and the police become the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party like Mao’s cultural revolutionaries.

    Republicans are short sighted and dumb and they bring about their own destruction through their naivety.

    Just like their worshiping of corporations — who are now in bed with every leftist cause.

    No foresight whatsoever from these old crusty idiots.

    Republicans are the type of people who figure out a problem AT LEAST 10 years too late and have no plan to deal with it.

    Even Trump really didn’t get it.

    He took office in 2017 and didn’t ban critical race theory (anti-white propaganda) until 2020.

    And Trump was 100 times the fighter most Republicans were, and even he didn’t really get it…

    The country is doomed and Wilcox is passing notes like a child in school.

    This is PEAK clown world.

  2. Yet Wilcox is far better than the other local legislators.

  3. Back the Blue?


    Not the FBI, DOJ, ATF, NSA….. they have become enemies.

  4. @ The Beck Beacon

    I’m wondering why you think Wilcox is superior to other local legislators? How did you arrive at this conclusion?

    Can you quantify it in some way or are there key votes you had in mind?

    What is a larper?


    It comes from games like Dungeons and Dragons and nerd culture but it has evolved on the internet to include trolls, people posing as people they are not, arguing positions they do not sincerely believe to rile people up, etc.

    I suspect that some of the people on this blog are larping.

    Opposition puts these plants in there to make their political foes all look like wingnuts, or to engage in D and C (divide and conquer).

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