TX-06/IL-16: Adam Kinzinger Takes it on Chin

Source AP: Adam Kinzinger and Michael Wood, 4/27/21

While the votes being tallied in TX-06 special election to determine who faces top vote-getter Susan Wright (R, Arlington) in the runoff, one thing is certain, even if the Democrats get shut out of the runoff (and their candidate trailing by 354 votes in unofficial returns), the biggest loser is still IL-16 Congressman Adam Kinzinger.

Wright was backed by former President Trump, Kinzinger backed Michael Wood. Here’s latest unofficial returns from TX-06:

Source: Jack Posobiec tweet

This tweet, and conservative activist Scott Presler says it all.

But our good Texas resident commenter D J said it best in his recent visit to McHenry County Blog:

If I’d known this Kinzinger was skulking around this clean State.

I’d have gathered some friends armed with lawn chairs and coolers, to attend his events and yell insults at him.

Commenter D J 5/2/21


D J lives in TX-24, in Northern Dallas, 2 districts away from TX-06, but a short hour’s drive from either Arlington, Waxahachie or Corsicana, all within the 6th.

Great to hear from you, D J!


TX-06/IL-16: Adam Kinzinger Takes it on Chin — 4 Comments

  1. “Kinzie” is another closet case.

    That’s how he got in in the first place.

    The powers that be have their hold on him and he does as he’s told.

    Much like Denny Hastert, Emanuel and Obongo.

  2. Kingstinker – The Illinois version of Mitt Romney, full of himself and not much else.

    Or as they say in Texas – all hat and no cattle.

  3. Remarks from good, clean, upstanding republicans.

    You must all be so proud of your intelligent remarks…trump taught you all well.

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