May Become Legal to Knowingly Infect Someone with HIV, Buy Not for Coronavirus

Intentional transmission of Covid-19 is in Illinois and in Florida and it appears in New York State. as well as elsewhere (see also here) including Texas, Massachusetts and Arizona.

It can even be prosecuted as Federal terrorism.

The chances of one’s dying of Covid-19 is slim and the need for long-term medical treatment quite rare.

That is not the case with HIV now.

Nevertheless, the Illinois House overwhelmingly passed a bill to repeal State Rep. Penny Pullen’s Criminal Transmission of HIV law.

The law was part of Pullen’s Public Protection agenda, which was largely successful.

From The Center Square:

Effort to decriminalize HIV passes Illinois House, moves on to Senate

  • By Elyse Kelly | The Center Square contributor

(The Center Square) – Forty years after the AIDS crisis, Illinois has a law on the books that makes transmission of HIV a crime.

State Rep. Carol Ammons, D-Urbana, said the 1989 law makes no sense today when treatments are available, and people with HIV are living long productive lives,

“As a tool, this law is not just. It is not equitable,” Ammons said. “And it makes no sense as a tool in the criminal legal system.”

Ammons sponsored an amendment in the Illinois House this spring that decriminalizes transmission of HIV.

The measure was approved by House members April 20, with a bipartisan vote of 90-9.

It is now undergoing consideration in the state Senate.

Ammons said the 1989 law was rarely invoked because “evidence of people passing HIV on just wantonly is not sustained.”

In 1994, Texas decriminalized HIV transmission. It is time for Illinois to do the same, she said.

Ammons compared HIV to COVID-19.

“COVID is certainly more dangerous, and we would not criminalize COVID,” she said.

Ammons said she believes that having the 1989 law criminalizing HIV transmission on the books is “dangerous” because people are afraid to get tested for HIV because of the stigma of being labeled HIV positive.

State Sen. Robert Peters, D-Chicago, is shepherding the effort to decriminalize HIV in the state Senate, where he is optimistic that it will pass.

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This recycles the argument used when the bill was passed.

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“Oftentimes, when we’re dealing with a crisis, with pain, with struggle, we turn to criminalization in an effort to deal with it,” Peters told NPR Illinois.

In Peters’ view, having a law on the books that makes HIV transmission a crime is a misguided attempt from an earlier age when people knew very little about HIV, and there were no proven treatments, Peters said.


May Become Legal to Knowingly Infect Someone with HIV, Buy Not for Coronavirus — 8 Comments

  1. Most Republicans did not even vote no.

    Most either voted yes or did not vote.

    Remind me the point of voting Republican?

    These people are almost just as worthless and destructive as Democrats.

  2. McLaughlin, Reick, Ugaste, Weber, and Ness (the 5 reps who represent this county) ALL voted yes.

    There are probably about 40 GOP house members (give or take) and look at the roll call.

    9 no votes.

    Do the math.

    It’s not just “RINOs” it was the MAJORITY of Republicans!

    Looks like most of the people who voted no are part of that “Eastern Bloc” group of Republicans who are disrespected and railroaded by the “leadership” within their own party.

    They are a super-minority faction within a super-minority party.

    Democrats will riot for months on end to get what they want, and what do Republicans do?

    They vote with Democrats.

  3. As the Media and the puppetman tout over 5million have died of Covid, as they let in more illegals without vaccinations, and who knows whatever else they are carrying cause none of them have ANY type of Shots i’m guessing… since they don’t even have the most basic one.

    This is what they have time and our $$ to spend ON! its just disgusting …. the piss poor waste they do and create on the American People of this country … they just get dumber and dumber and more we are above the law tudes… its like there is no end to their hyprocripsies.

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