Cary & Lake in the Hills Police Try to Diminish Distracted Driving

From the Cary Police Department:

The Cary Police Department announces distracted driving enforcement results

Cary, Illinois – The Cary Police Department announced it issued 54 hands free law citations and served 1 arrest warrant during the April distracted driving enforcement period.

A total of 63 traffic stops were conducted.

“We strongly enforce distracted driving laws for one reason – to save lives,” said Deputy Chief Chris Winkelmann.

“Choose to drive distracted, and you’ll have a phone in one hand and a ticket in the other.”

The Cary Police Department joined forces with state and local law enforcement and highway safety partners for this enforcement effort.

Using your phone in anything other than handsfree mode in Illinois is not only dangerous, but also illegal.

Break the cycle. Drop It and Drive.

The Illinois distracted driving campaign is funded with federal traffic safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

From the Lake in the Hills Police Department:

Lake in the Hills Police Department announces distracted driving campaign results

Lake in the Hills, IL – During the month of April, the Lake in the Hills Police Department held additional dedicated patrols as part of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Officers worked an extra 79 hours of patrol and conducted 118 traffic stops

One arrest was made and the driver was charged with driving while license revoked.

During the month-long mobilization, the Lake in the Hills Police Department issued:

• 58 electronic communication device citations
• 25 speeding citations
• 13 seat belt citations
• 8 uninsured motorist citations
• 4 expired registration citations
• 1 passing within no passing zone citation
• 1 disregarding a traffic signal citation

The Lake in the Hills Police Department reminds motorists to put their cell phones down and drive.

Even though Distracted Driving Awareness Month has concluded, officers will continue to enforce the distracted driving laws year-round.

The distracted driving campaign is administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation with federal traffic safety funds.


Cary & Lake in the Hills Police Try to Diminish Distracted Driving — 7 Comments

  1. Because that would be too much paperwork and it doesn’t help their revenue quotas.

  2. Every day I see people texting and driving.

    It’s very sad.

    Take a moment and pull over and text if something is important.

    A few minutes can save your life and someone else’s.

    Pay attention.

  3. Ah, if there’s State and Federal funds available for OT and Awards the Chiefs of these towns will have their rank and file focus on what is being rewarded.

    Why is there no OT and Awards for proactive Policing in neighborhoods and crimes are stopped before or as they are happening?

    Because cops dont patrol anymore–they come when they’re called AFTER the incident and go back to their hiding place with their squad car, using their SMART phone.

    Covid did this, and BLM and Defund the Police movement too.

    So you want cops to do something?

    Incent and Award them with other peoples money.

    The old ways and days of policing are over.

    Is it good?

    Not really.

    So they catch a few texters, great job–I guess.

  4. How many times have I over the years encountered a driver, in a car/pickup/suv/big dump truck coming toward me at 55 MPH on a two lane McHenry County 2-lane road AND their vehicle not staying on a good line? Numerous and many times. As they come toward and they pass me, they appear to be looking ahead, then down, ahead then down. Maybe texting?

    Besides texting, the Hollywood goofballs that produce shows that I sadly waste time to watch, like Magnum for example, condone the practice of the driver constantly looking to the right at their passenger. That would be the lady Higgins who has dirty unkempt hair.

    So, why don’t safe driving groups in the US go after TV and Movie producers and ask them to have scenes of driving whereby the driver ALWAYS looks straight ahead and never looks toward the front seat passenger or God forbid the kids in the back seat of a mini van or suv.

  5. Another horrible take from bred winner.

    “People are watching tv on their phones so we should go after tv people.”

    Nobody in Hollywood is forcing you to text or to watch their shows on your phone while you’re driving.

    We don’t go after beer distributors or gun manufacturers for people’s horrible decisions either.

    It’s not Hollywood’s job to tell you to check your side view mirrors.

    It amazes me how you have such stupid takes.

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