Considering When to Open the McCullom and Other Village Halls

A Friend of McHenry County Blog sent the following minutes from the March 23, 2021, meeting of Village of McCullom Lake.

Unlike many local governments, whoever prepared them reported on pretty much everything that was said.

Of primary interest to me was the discussion of the cost of opening Village Hall.

Village President Marilyn Shepit said it would cost $2,000.

That got me thinking.

I had read the chance of contracting Coronavirus from a surface was 1 in 10,000.

Contacting the McHenry County Health Department for office cleaning recommendations, I was referred to the Illinois Department of Public Health where I found this page.

It seems to reflect the type of cleaning Village President Shepit said would be so costly.

Then I found this April 5, 2021, paper from the CDC that puts the chance of infection from touching a surface at 1 in 10,000.

That was published after the meeting for which partial minutes are published below:


Considering When to Open the McCullom and Other Village Halls — 8 Comments

  1. McCullom Lake, where you catch the local police walking up your driveway inspecting your car for Village stickers.

    I guess they need money any way possible to pay for those potholes the size of swimming pools on McCullom Lake Road.

    Just another level of useless government.

    Residents of McCullom Lake have the pleasure of paying taxes on the federal level, state level, county, township and VILLAGE level.

    I’m not even sure what the point of having McCullom lake be it’s own village when the only benefit seems to be having a village hall they can rent out.

  2. Is this gonna be another scenario like the As The Lakewood Turns type drama?

    Thank goodness Sam’s just came out with Krispy Kreme flavored popcorn, but it is limited time only, might have to stock up.

    Keep the minutes coming Karen.

  3. Vick is just a patronage township bum in Jimmy Condon’s township road district patronage army.

    He’s got many legal problems.

    Look at his quotes.

    He wants the Covid hysteria so he doesn’t have to work at the township or village.

    2 pensions for doing nothing!

  4. They could open it up tomorrow if they wanted to.

    The scamdemic is a good way for government to not face transparency.

    Everybody knows it.

  5. It is a neighborhood, nothing more.

    Ridiculous waste of money.

    Annex to McHenry or Johnsburg

  6. Aphenol please explain these legal problems you state that Vick has.

    Also correct me if I am wrong but they don’t get a pension for being on the Village board.

    Seems like you don’t know what you are talking about.

  7. Well, I know that McCollom Lake revenues are derived from traffic citations in their speed traps.

    It’s a run down place chock full of section 8 ‘renters.’ Cancertown, USA

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