McHenry Township Clerk Comes Out as Transgender

Formerly known as Dan Alyward, photo taken 2017

He’s now a she, Danielle Aylward comes out as transgender, making Aylward McHenry County’s first transgender elected public official

With reelection to a 2nd term safely won last month, at very end of April, the Republican incumbent makes themself public.

It went public late last week on Facebook.

Please read the story published in the Daily Herald yesterday for yourself with full information.


McHenry Township Clerk Comes Out as Transgender — 69 Comments

  1. Autogynephile transvestites are the best.

    Has any other form of exhibitionist sexual fetish forced all of society to look upon it, pretend that it reflects reality, praise its bravery?

    It takes huge balls to pull off that con.

  2. Disgusting.


    Now he peacocks around demanding we all applaud his mental illness.

    “Oh, how brave, you are are Dan, er, Danielle.”

    But I won’t gush over a sexual dysphoric.

    Normal people have rights, too, to say “You sick narcisstic bastard Danny Boy. You were born a male, you will die a snail …. and a laughingstock. I will not take part in your pathetic delusions.”

  3. “Aylward joins Kristal Larson, who won election last month in Lake County as Avon Township’s clerk as an openly transgender woman and is the second transgender person to be elected …”

    The problem is townships have become a haven for these perverts.

    Reason: Townships will pay their ‘reassignment’ surgery.

    But that’s not true, it’s the taxpayers that foot the bill.

    I’d like to foot Aylward into a trash can where “she” belongs.

    If you have kids, avoid McHenry Township Trans Office.

  4. Seems like bait and switch or fraud. Did the citizens vote for one person, then got another? Flat out lying and cheating is one thing(dems/rinos), but this is a new level of deception – unless the campaign was forthright so people knew who they were voting for, which using DAN was seemingly NOT the case.

  5. America was warned that perversions such as this would present itself for social approval once
    homosexuality became normalized and accepted by the populace, and here we are.

  6. Plucked her eyebrows on the way
    Shaved her legs and then he was a she
    She says:”Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side.”
    And the colored girls go: “doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo….”

  7. There’s a switch!

    Townships been F@*%ing us for years…now they can go F@*% themselves.

  8. And how did Pat run?

    under Dan or Danielle?

    cause if it was not honest before getting on ticket then time to have another re-election…

    as that is really pulling the wool over the publics votes..

    we don’t need anymore cheatin no matter how its presented…

    heaters or liars samo samo

  9. Besides pathetic, I find it very sad.

    Once again Townships are given a black eye by a rotten apple.

    I find “its” deception all the more disgusting because he did this immediately after an election.

    So he deceived the voters and ran as Dan, but he wasn’t Dan at all.

    He was a disgusting creep.

    This is a mental illness and anyone who congratulates this pervert actually is an enabler.

    A normal person wouldn’t be giving alcohol and celebtating tge drunkenness of an alcoholic, so by the same token, one shouldn’t celebrate ‘its’ mental delusion, by giving ‘it’ applause in ‘its’ ‘new’ format.

    If he said he was a tree or a skunk, he’d be hospitalized.

    He is not a female.

    God gave him his gender.

    This is a rejection of GOD!

    These people scream for help. But the psychologists won’t.

    I pray he doesn’t come to the same end as his twin, however, at his age, he may be suffering from some sort of dementia or a narcissistic disorder of the worst kind.

  10. If she’s gonna tell her story, than I’m going to tell mine.

    I was abandoned in the woods as a child and raised by a family of Chipmunks.

  11. Really Dan?

    Didn’t Mama dress you right 80 yrs ago?

    She thought you were a boy bc you had male parts.

    She’s to blame, right Dan!?

    And your Father too, eh Dan?

    Somebody has got to be blamed and in woke time it can never be you.

    But I live in reality.

    You are not a female, and get this Dan, you never were!

    The one thing I’ve notice about pervs of all kinds is that they are always in your face with their perversity.

    The have to broadcast it.


    But you Dan take the cake!

    Don’t cry when you read this, try and undo the surgery.

    If you can!

    Move to Boystown and hang out for pickups.

  12. Shalom Ya’All —

    Good to be back and see the hate spewing once again.

    So interesting to see so many have comments, especially negative.

    I wonder what it will be like in your families when someone comes out as gay or transgender, it’s gonna happen sometime.

    Nevertheless with Danielle, does it really matter to you?

    Does it impact you?

    If so, how?

    Remember, God created this person — your God!!!

    He must really be messin’ with you fools?

    Stay Ignorant My Friends,

    Uber Jew

  13. At least (s)he didn’t have to be caught in the front seat of a car with a barely legal young man like a certain former county board member and former congressional staffer to a homophobic former congressman.

    It takes a lot of guts to freely admit to yourself and others what you really are.

    No shame in that.

  14. I demand a refund from the NWH!

    When I read about this sicko, I lost my breakfast all over the article.

    I was triggered by the photo.

  15. Gender dysphoria is a mental illness and should be treated as such.

    I would not vote for anyone who is transgender.

    God assigned them their gender identity and one goes against God if you change.

  16. What an upside down world.

    This creep has brought out other creeps to defend the indefensible.

    What about Miss Priss Aylward impersonating a male when he ran?

    I’d have voted for the democrat over a deceptive perv.

    Hey Danny, are you now going to be squired around the elementary and middle schools to demonstrate your fantastically sick lifestyle?

  17. He wants to prance for the bone dance.

    We have elevated lunacy to heroism.

    I see ‘Danielle’ has a moderate number of orders of protection cases over at the County Circuit Clerk’s court docket, not the big number I expected.

    What happened Dano- Somebody get mad when they found out you weren’t quite the little lady you claimed to be?

  18. If this doesn’t prove to you that “elections” and governance is a complete joke – then I guess you don’t get it!

  19. Because, I don’t think Nicky Provenzano ever came out to fanfare and flowers like this transvestite.

    Dan Aylward: Have you no shame?

    Answer: “Not really. But wait, I do!

    I don’t go around in public in my baby diaper outfit. That’s for special friends who understand I’m a special person.

    I’m hoping to marry Bill Gates now that he’s divorcing. I’m really smart. I just sent him an email with my newspaper story. Ok, so I am a little cougarish. I’m also asking Jenner if I can be her running mate in California. I’d move to Washington or California in a heartbeat to be with them. I’m a real hero, well, ha ha ha I guess I meant a heroine.”

  20. “America was warned that perversions such as this would present itself for social approval once
    homosexuality became normalized and accepted by the populace, and here we are.”

    Not that many years ago ranchers saw wolves as an Abomination to their cattle and’shot them out’.

    When and if the shit hits the fan in this country my prediction is that a similar willowing will occur to restore the Natural Balance of nature.

  21. Did it get the surgery? Or is he a publicity seeking wannabe woman?

    I really don’t have a morbid curiousity of this degenerate township flunkey; I just wanna figure out why he he came out now at this precise time which he controlled.

    A. Castration and surgery a success?

    B. Somebody was gonna out the goof?

    C. Election over, no need for further deception.

    D. Boyfriend(s) demand it?

    E. Wants attention?

    F. Wants pity?

    G. Wants a property tax deduction because he’s mental?

    H. Wants to freak everybody out?

    I. Wants an autographed pic from Stacie Abrams?

    J. Want to run for McHenry Mayor?

  22. Hey, please lay off sweety Danielle.

    “She” was orphaned at an early age!

    Lived in the woods around Marengo. And was raised by a pack of poodles. They tried to raise her right, but “she” wanted to parade around around town begging for attn.
    The poodles gave up on her. So should we.

    Don’t be snagged in her net of trans nonsense.

    Just call her for what “she” really is: a psychopathic narcissist with a sexual fetish for bad wigs and bras.

  23. WTF is wrong with our country when we celebrate this perverse male bovine excrement

  24. This freak should be made to resign.

    And he should also step down from his position aCHenry County chapter president of the the Jussie Smollet Fan Club

  25. At least (s)he didn’t have to be caught in the front seat of a car with a barely legal young man like a certain former county board member and former congressional staffer to a homophobic former congressman.

    Nick Provenzano is a homosexual pervert too and he was rejected by voters too. I don’t see your point.

    We are not in favor of faggots or trannies.

  26. I’m trying to figure out if all transsexuals are homosexuals.

    If a transsexual male to female ‘marries’ a transsexual female to male, do these strange and perpetually “outraged” people feel they are normal?

    Legalizing widespread gambling, drugs, abnormal sexual proclivities, beasiality pornography, intentionally transmitting HIV, illegal immigration, etc., etc., show our civilization is in full free fall.

    Chinese, Iranians, Russians, South Americans and Japanese must laugh at the decay of America and Canada.

    What’s next here? Legalized pedophilia? Confiscation of private property (as BLM goons prowl suburban neighborhoods threatening to take residences as reparations)? Multi-tiered tax, criminal justice, education and affirmative action systems, depending upon your race and actual or make-believe gender?

  27. Well Dobi, you don’t have too far to understand the “Queer theory. Let Your Fingers Do The Walking to the Internet.

    Here again we can thank the Educators: 1)Resources – Queer Theory – Subject and Course Guides at … › queertheory

    Apr 16, 2021 — Queer Theory (QT) is both theory and political action. Definition is impossible, but QT can be summarised as exploring the oppressive power of …

    2)Queer theory – Oxford Reference › view › authority.20…
    A critical discourse developed in the 1990s in order to deconstruct (or ‘to queer’) sexual

    ity and gender in the wake of gay identity politics, which had tended to …


  28. +1 H.Abe

    DJ: here is my story i had to be bussed to school then i became VP material…

    boohooooo …

  29. This is truly despicable: the falsity on the ballot; the brazenness (can’t he keep it to himself?); the ugliness; the stupidity; the creepiness.

    Reflects so very poorly on the township and GOP.


  30. I knew Dan when he was an anti-tax activist.

    I thought this whole story was an Onion type thing at first.

    It’s astounding, revolting and repulsive .

  31. Why did he go off the deep end?

    What’s going on at that government office?

  32. Uber Jew, you are even worse than Dan.

    Why? People like you deceived him into thinking the grass was greener ‘on the other side.’

    But will you be there to pick up the pieces when he’s in a hospital bed from some physical illness brought on by the hormone injections and pills?

    Will you be there to console him when goes full mental?

    He’s headed on the same path as his twin! And you egg him on. That’s the sick part.

    Love the sinner, but reject the sin.

  33. The comments are pure gold here.

    I think most of you commenting do not understand how your reactions reveal more about you and your own gender identity, and your own sexuality, than it says about Aylward.

    Those most likely to express disgust and anger are those who have built their personality around their performance of masculinity (not their physical sex characteristics) and the social rewards they derive as a result.

    That someone wants to live as a female, having been born with male sex characteristics, causes you anxiety because you know that your own machismo is as much a house of cards as was Aylward’s, and can be or not be.

    Note the tens of thousands of men in the area who are not clutching their pearls over this, because their identity is not invested in such a way and they don’t give a hoot.

  34. WTF!

    You morons fell into narcissist Dan “the Man (not)” Alyward’s trap. You showered him with attention!

    He deserves to be held in contempt and ignored forevermore.

    It doesn’t matter to he-she if the attention is adoring or of outrage, of love or of hate, of righteous anger or of beaming adulation!

    He thrives off the buzz he creates.

    He’s the talk of the town and the toast of the libtards.

    That’s why he was grandstanding when he paid his property tax bills with one dollar bills!

    That’s why he makes scene after scene!

    All to cause a stir!

    To be the center of everybody’s attention.

    What will he do next?

    Buy the bat mobile at the Volvo auto museum to drive around the county?

    Claim he’s Osama Bin Laden’s long lost brother (sister) or heir to the Danish throne?

    Start raising elk or hippos on his mansion’s Riverside Drive grounds?

    It doesn’t matter. He’ll come up with something!

    He’s like that destructive blob in an outer limits episode that fed on ever-increasing amounts of energy and was just about to be nuked by the army until a scientist discovered that would be the height of counter-productiveness and just what the blob was contriving for.

    Just ignore the loser.

  35. Overtaxed, I think Dan has already gone ‘full mental.’

    Wiley, amateur analyze yourself. I think you’ll be found wanting (if you’re honest, which I doubt you could ever be)

    Cosyntex, spot on dude!

    Correcting, thanks for the research. Funny how all these people wind up suicidal, well not funny, but there seems to be a high correlation there.

    Cindy, right on.

  36. Wiley is an idiot!

    This is the END of humanity.

    NOT about what is in your stupid brainwashed head!

  37. I couldn’t believe my eyes reading that puff piece article.

    Mr. Aylward, I repeat MISTER Alyward, is a fraud.

    He ran a deception on the party AND the electorate.

    He must be made to resign, just like the King Kook Brian Sager of LGBTQ infamy was told to take a hike as Committeeman.

    He should resign from the party and his position.

  38. Holy Cow!

    Does this Aylward imagine he’s a sacred cow, beyond criticism for or objection to his utter craziness?

    Who the hell does HE think HE is?

    But I guess that’s the underlying problem — he’s so deluded he thinks up is down and darkness is light.

    That’s why he needs normal people to say, “By God, Look what you have done Man!”

  39. Put him in the police database with photos of each gender.

    Put them on telephone poles and nearby schools.

  40. I’m floored. This whole society is going to hell in a hand basket.

    And I for one am not going to accept it.

    People like Aylward ought not be coddled and lionized.

    Yes, that degenerate should resign.

    And he should check into a psychiatric ward ASAP.

  41. These comments are just what I’d expect to hear from the narrow minded, sanctimonious, phony Christians in McHenry.

    Bumpkinville at it’s finest.

  42. Does he expect the township to pay for his ‘reassignment’?

    What a sham and shame.

  43. D Alyward is a:

    1. Male impersonator

    2. Female impersonator

    3. Genderqueer

    4. Drama queen

    5. Drag queen

    6. Lying cheat on ballot

    7. Crybaby

    8. Township poster child

    9. Antifa soy boy

    10. Pity bag

    11. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

    12. Intersectional nut

    13. Homosexual

    14. Lesbian wannabe

    15. Boycotter of Lawn mowing

    16. Misunderstood wallflower

    17. Mentally disturbed person of interest

    18. National Enquirer cover story

    19. Lead article in next month’s issue of The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

    20. Not Pretty

    21. All of the above

  44. Provenzano is Awyward’s former room mate.

    Pots and pans were aflying.

    Everybody knew it couldn’t last.

    Alyward was way too old for Nick.

  45. Why is his palatial pad on the Fox River so underassessed?

    Isn’t that a nice question?

  46. Taking advantage of a state law passed before he took office, I believe.

  47. His FB Page is hilarious now he’s wearing lipstick and very heavy make up.

    Sooooooo Sad.

    Maybe Mary Mahady should buy her pet a decent wig.

  48. Uber Jew

    God created the human, but did God make him lose his mind?

  49. “Mar” wrote above;

    “These comments are just what I’d expect to hear from the narrow minded, sanctimonious, phony Christians in McHenry.

    Bumpkinville at it’s finest.”

    What are the chances Mar is Victor-Victoria Aylward?

    Phony Christians? Like St. Paul?

    I’m sick of the transgender agenda being stuffed down everybody’s throats by fakes like Aylward to promote their own sinful lusts and destructive delusions.

    Transgenders are irrational, anti-social and at the final analysis evil, because they lie and mislead.

  50. “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”


    CW2 = Weimar X Yugoslavia X Rwanda

    This attention seeking old man is just another satanic scam.

    Reject Satan and reject Awlward’s satanic message.

    Aylward wants to corrupt the innocent young people.

    Some pancake makeup, high heels, dildos, negligees and lipstick only highlight his delusional absurdity and his elevation of immorality as his false god spotlighting his soul’s depravity.

    Like his puppet master, the devil, Dan is angry and promotes only chaos.

    He hates himself as well as all those who oppose his descent into madness. But he wants to take us down with him.

  51. ‘Danielle’ is a woke joke.

    But he’s still a bloke.

    He made a big splash on NBC.

    The local msm seems to going goo goo eyes over him.

    I find him pathetic and ugly.

    I will not kneel before him or his rectal hobbies.

  52. Sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you.

    If that was only true.

    I read all of your comments and all I can say is I feel sorry for you, you people must be so insecure in your own sexuality that you have to strike out on something that you know nothing about with so many hurtful words.

    I forgive you. 💔

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