Another Older Woman Dies of Coronavirus

From the Illinois Department of Public Health comes this report of a Covid-19 death in McHenry County:

  • 1 female 80s


Another Older Woman Dies of Coronavirus — 9 Comments

  1. The jab IS the problem. The vaccine does not exist and neither does the disease they call Coronavirus. This is a genocide and the brain dead are putting on masks and hiding from their loved ones.

  2. Good Day? You’re an idiot. It’s NOT a vaccine. It’s a death trap!

  3. Cindy it’s not a vaccine, it’s a patented medical device, mRNA.

    Anyone who gets vaxxed will rue the day they fell prey to Bill Gates & Co.

  4. Good Day, when they release the next bioweapon, bye bye!

    Remember this post as your lungs painfully fill with fluid and blood.

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