Patch Features Jack Franks as One of Four Legislators Accused of Sexual Misconduct

From Patch on May 4, 2021

Former State Rep. Jack Franks, most recently not in the news when the local bank group he heads merged with Joliet’s First Secure Bank Group, is one of four retired Illinois legislators in an article in Patch.

Here’s the part about Franks:

Jack Franks, 57, was a member of the Illinois House from 1999 to 2017 and McHenry Country Board chairman from 2017 to 2020.

In January 2020, the Marengo Democrat was named on a search warrant executed by Illinois State Police at former House Speaker Mike Madigan’s office in the Capitol.

Madigan’s spokesperson said the investigation dates back to a November 2018 complaint of harassment filed by an employee of the speaker’s office.

Franks has not been criminally charged and has denied all wrongdoing. He was defeated by about 9,000 votes in his bid for re-election as board chairman in November.


Patch Features Jack Franks as One of Four Legislators Accused of Sexual Misconduct — 7 Comments

  1. It is beyond pathetic that when a “public figure” is accused and/or complaints are filed with EEOC or other agencies for discrimination, harassment, misconduct, etc., under what is an actual “JOKE” for a LAW.

    The “Public Figure” almost always loses and seemingly destroyed as much as any one can make them as Politicians, the Media, Groups with Agendas, etc., take the accusations on with a vengeance to destroy them to suit their own personal agendas.

    However, in the real world called “corporate America”, the one who files or makes a verifiable and dead to rights complaint internally to HR or Ethics groups and/or to the various governmental agencies, the majority of those who do lose!

    If you dare to file a complaint, more times than not, you are forced out of your job, made to look like you are the problem, your career gets destroyed, not to mention spend thousands of dollars on Legal fees, years of your life lost, spend countless hours in Court and preparing and responding to ridiculous document requests while the Companies Attorneys do everything possible to bury you and/or bankrupt you to go away. Not to mention “pay to play”

    …Nothing stated above supports or defends those Politicians that have been accused of wrong – doing – however, there sure is double standard of accountability between the private and public sector.

    If you are in the corporate sector and have the strongest of cases- think long and hard before you file anything and have your own box ready to walk yourself right out your corporate building.

    There is a reason Politicians have not addressed these Laws for decades, because they know they live in glass houses and know they can get away with whatever power driven behavior they can!

    The only thing that is heard or addressed time in and time out is “we need to conduct more training”…

    Training means Nothing without accountability!

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