Former Legislators Testify Before Grand Jury Probing ComEd “Smart Grid,” a.k.a., Rate Hike Bill

From the Chicago Tribune comes these paragraphs:

“At least two former Illinois House Democrats have gone before the federal grand jury within the last week to explain the full scope of Madigan’s power and control of the legislative process while he was speaker, according to sources familiar with the investigation.

“At least one of the lawmakers had changed a vote on the House floor that opposed a key piece of ComEd legislation and then supported Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of the measure, a source said.

This was sent by Charles Thomas about Jack Franks the night before the override vote on Gov. Pat Quinn’s veto of the ComEd rate increase bill.

“The ex-lawmakers themselves were not accused of doing anything improper but were asked a series of questions about the basic way the House operated under Madigan, a source said.

“In addition, a third former lawmaker told the Tribune they were recently interviewed by federal authorities, and said questions included ‘Madigan’s role in the process’ about ComEd and other issues.”

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Note well that Jack Franks’ name is not mentioned in the Tribune article.

See Jack Franks’ campaign contributions relating to Commonwealth Edison here.

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