Ness Voted for Drug Penalty Reduction Bill which Kenneally Opposed

On May 4th, McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally wrote a strong letter to local legislators asking for opposition to a bill that would rollback penalties for breaking drug laws.

Commenter “Correcting” noted that the Illinois House had already passed the bill and that is was now in the Senate.

Here is the House Roll Call from April 21st, where the bill passed with just one vote to spare:

Roll Call on House Bill 3447 shows all local Representatives voting in opposition bvut Suzanne Ness.


Ness Voted for Drug Penalty Reduction Bill which Kenneally Opposed — 8 Comments

  1. This is a difficult issue.

    We have had people serving 50 years for a marijuana offense.

    That does not serve the taxpayer and is not Justice.

    Pharmaceutical companies that promoted drugs that they knew caused addiction where has the money gone that the Justice department won in settlements? shouldn’t those funds be used for rehab?

    I am in favor of harsh sentencing for dealers but have empathy for addicts with few resources to get help.

  2. @Cynthia, This county has a multitude of services offered to the public.

    When someone is a first time offender I think they can go through drug court.

    Mental Health that your tax dollars support is another avenue.

    There are plenty of avenues for people to get help.

    They just choose not to.

    Then when they get arrested they still have choices.

    How many chances do they get now a days.

    I would like to see that statistic of someone serving 50 yrs for marijuana offenses.

    If it is just 1 person than save it!

    The system is perfect and will never be but the system has changed a lot over the past 15-20 yrs.

    The liberals want no one to serve for anything.

    At least Keaneally prosecutes drug violations where no other collar county does.

  3. Figures.

    The Dems won’t be happy til we have open borders, our streets are riddled with crime and everyone who can’t handle ‘life’ is on drugs.

  4. Who appointed Cynthia Allen Skank to opine on anything beyond her forte, go go dancing in the 60s?

  5. LeopardMan, what does a coward look like? Go look in the mirror.

    Would you like to say this to my face?

    Yeah, of course not.


    If you really stood behind what you have to say none of you would be using fake names.

    By all means “again” provide that data that says Harsh sentencing deters drug crimes..

    Please enlighten me..because I am here to say the data DOES NOT support this.

    By all means, Russelville PROVE IT…yeah we know how certain people don’t like the challenge of actual proof.

    Actual knowledge of what they are even talking about..

    What we know for certain is Drug Rehab works far better than incarceration and it’s cheaper for the taxpayer as well.. Anyone who says otherwise is as usual without knowledge or understanding of the issues.

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