Associated Press Catches Up to Conservative On-Line Sites, But Four Days Later and Still Thinks Armed Raid on Alaska Couple Might Be Justified

May 2nd I found the story about the FB’s raiding the wrong home in Alaska looking for Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

It wasn’t McHenry County-based, but it shocked me so much I shared it with readers.

Four days later, AP thinks the home invasion worthy of a story.

AP headline suggests the FBI raided the home of the woman who stole Nancy Pelosi’s laptop, even though they not.

But, does it focus on the screw-up by the FBI?


Does it point out that the earlobes of the Alaska woman and the woman for which the FBI was searching were obviously different?

Yes, but way down in the article.

What a sorry piece of writing by Mark Thiessen and Michael Balsamo.


Associated Press Catches Up to Conservative On-Line Sites, But Four Days Later and Still Thinks Armed Raid on Alaska Couple Might Be Justified — 16 Comments

  1. And yet the FBI still can’t seem to find their way to Hunter Biden.

    Amazing, isn’t it ?

    Yes, the swamp is deep.

    Very deep.

  2. Same Rank and File FBI agents that barged in, handcuffed these folks and guests at gunpoint, all for Nan Piglosi’s laptop.

    Same “Rank and File” agents blowhard Sean Hannity keeps telling us are the 99% that are the good guys at the FBI.

    Same Rank and File that wouldnt take a copy of Hunter Bidens laptop, when offered to them, when they busted into Guilliani’s place looking for “all electronic” devices…but they wouldnt take “From Russia and Ukraine” with love, Hunters information.

    Rank and File FBI are no better than the ones at the top commanding these methods for “gathering evidence”.

    Rank and File filthy now—its all about Pensions, not the Truth or Decency.

  3. Mark Thiessen was a speechwriter in the Bush/Cheney administration.

    He was a big supporter of the Iraq War and the CIA’s torture program.

    He supported Trump some of the time, but at heart, he’s a slimey neocon.

  4. There is an old saying about a fish rots from the head on down. Was, is this applicable pertaining to the last months of the Obama regime in DC and top people at the bureau such as Comey and his top guy Andy McCabe?

    The agent Peter Strok and his girlfriend agent, who were associated with McCabe, were texting in 2016 that they had an insurance policy in the event that Trump won the election later in the year. So it was. The gigantic Russia Collusion fraud, Hillary’s authorized and fake Trump Dosier and the unnecessary Mueller investigation.

    Most of the media was, is, are shills for the Democrat Party and they participated in promoting the fake Russia Collusion nonsense. Most of the media cannot be trusted. They are like the Pravda of the old Soviet Union who were mouthpieces for the Communist Party. Same today in the US. Most of media are like Pravda and cannot be trusted. They are the mouthpieces for the Democrat Party. They carry the water for Democrats. They are in the tank for Democrats.

  5. AP? Really? You do understand that everything from there is scripted propaganda, right?

  6. They make excuses for violating people’s rights and having a police state because the victims are white Republicans.

  7. Check out how the police handled the BLM dopes in Plano, Texas yesterday.

    (Hint: They did not, and they did not support the person who opposed BLM while they blocked roads, yelled profanities, and pointed guns at people.)

    If you think it’s just the FBI and that local police departments are not pozzed, you’re not paying attention.

    Also, check out your military waving their gay and trans flags before they bomb Muslims on the other side of the world so they can guard opium plants.

    Your country has lost its moral legitimacy.

    You have Republicans bowing over to open border wackos because they’re afraid of geriatric UU cult members.

    You are a country of cowards and evil people, and when your country is run by cowards and evil people nothing good will come.

    I hope that Chinese rocket falls on us — we deserve to be smited.

    It’s not just the FBI.

    Almost every major institution in your country has been infiltrated and subverted, including the military, most of the alphabet agencies of the federal government (CIA, NSA, TSA, etc.), the police, the music industry, tv/movies, k-12 education, higher education, Wall Street, Silicon Valley, local cultural centers, your “news” networks including even the small ones, and more.

    There is no resistance.

    Your country is an empire, but not a cool one where you explore stars and get badass outfits, just a bad and gay empire that will destabilize other countries and fund terrorists there so that after a civil war they can build a McDonalds and consume pornography and violent thug music and encourage children to undergo gender reassisgnment surgeries.

    That is what your country is now. Pathetic.

    You should have known after Waco and Ruby Ridge that the FBI is not on your side, but you have idiot boomer Republicans in 2021 who either still deny it (like the low iq Sean Hannity) or are just figuring it out.

  8. Correcting not correct.

    Perhaps one of the greatest dangers to our Nation besides the doofus moron Biden and his regime is the fourth estate, the media. Most of the media is like the Pravda media of the old Soviet Union who were merely mouthpieces for the Russian Communist Party. Similar today in that most of the media are shills, mouthpieces for the Democrat Party and recite that Party’s BS line. This media cannot be trusted to report the facts, the truth.

  9. No bred. You are wrong. You THINK you are knowing, but you are NOT. EVERY media is Communist. You still believe in politics. The scam has been ramping up and you are still holding onto old beliefs. There are no countries. There is only the SYSTEM. Guess what system you are living under.

  10. I literally just said the media has been subverted and then you said I’m not correct and then you said the media is corrupt. Jeez Louise man.

    Get it together. :/

    And once again, the fact that you always blame the Obama or Biden regime as opposed to looking at the big picture is telling.

    If Trump would have won, you’d still see problems with the media, problems with k-12, problems with the FBI, etc because we DID see those problems when Trump was president.

    At least Trump gave lip service to being against the deep state. You seem unaware of its existence.

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