UPDATE: Framing the Casey Urlacher Challenge to Dan McConchie for State Senate Seat

Casey Urlacher. 2016.

Don’t think I have ever seen a sitting Republican Senate Leader challenged in a Republican Primary Election before.

But the filing of a committee organization document (called a D-1) with the Illinois State Board of Elections surely appears to be the first step of newly-re-elected Mettawa Village President Casey Urlacher is running against incumbent Dan McConchie.

Urlacher did so in 2016, finishing second in a three-way race.

Casey Urlacher State Senate candidate Board of Election filing.

McConchie defeated Urlacher and now State Rep. Marty McLaughlin in 2016.

Urlacher carried McHenry County.

Dan McConchie’s late evening tallies show him leading with Casey Urlacher in second place.

Since then he was indicted as part of a sports betting ring, was pardoned by President Donald Trump and successfully ran a re-election write-in campaign for Village President.

January 7, 2021, McConchie wrote an op-ed piece for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Included was the following:

Unlike so many citizens of other countries, I have never before had to question whether my president was inciting violence or sedition. It is up to us to defend our country against lawlessness and those who would tear down the core values upon which our democracy has been built.

This riotous activity could understandably cause an instinctual reaction to abandon the party claimed by the president and the people who put him in the position to abuse his power and encourage this chaos. But, to those who want to write the Republicans off forever, I implore you to reconsider.

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Newsweek is even interested in the race:


UPDATE: Framing the Casey Urlacher Challenge to Dan McConchie for State Senate Seat — 10 Comments

  1. With Martin out, a large portion of his votes were simply “anti McConchie” and would probably stay that way and go to Urlacher, thus forcing Dan out.

    That Op-Ed clearly makes him a Liz Cheney RINO, and thats not a real popular position to be in.

    Might as well make the switch to Dem.

    Urlacher wins this Race, even with the Sports monkey business.

    Dan has not done himself favors in the eyes of many, too RINO like, going along to get along, saying stuff, doing little.

    Sorry but time to move on.

  2. I would certainly support anyone challenging the desperate-for-attention McConchie.

  3. McConchie is an arrogant RINO and a rabid defender of the establishment.

    Thankfully we will have the opportunity to correct the mistake that was made in 2016.

    We need a real leader and a real defender of taxpayers.

    The Dan McConchie and Adam Kinzinger wing of the Party is toxic.

    The way forward starts with retiring Democrat light RINOs like Dan McConchie.

  4. How do you know he is better than McConchie?

    What has he done as mayor?

  5. Shia Kapos isn’t framing it well.

    This is a lot more dynamic than a “Trump test.”

    It’s Urlacher and that name carries a lot of weight in the Chicago area.

    That’s a big factor too.

    Another big factor, as you can see in the comments: there are already a lot of Republican voters licking their chops to replace McConchie.

    Shia Kapos’s take is one dimensional.

    Also, in the event that Urlacher wins the primary but loses the general election, that might not necessarily be a rejection of Trump but people feeling uneasy about electing a guy who was locked up, or he might sound like an idiot at a debate, or he might make a gaffe, or something else.

    There are other reasons than “Trump.”

    If he wins it might not be because of Trump but because he’s Urlacher.

    This lady Kapos is a goof.

    You want to know why journalism sucks? It’s because of people like her dumbing everything down and sensationalizing.

  6. Good riddance McConchie.

    The RINO on wheels!

    Pop a wheelie Dan and beat it.

    Play your disabled card all you want, we’re so tired of being played bylosers like you.

    No statement on BLM.

    Antifa enabler.

    Underwood groveller.

    Go feed your oh so exotic tropical fish, Dan.

    And get some testosterone shots.

  7. McConchie is our very own Lynn Cheney.

    He needs to be kicked in the pants to the curb.

    McConchie is a dog faced pony soldier of BLM.

  8. I’m glad this article came to be. Good job, Cal.

    I didn’t realize what a phony opportunist SWAMP creature McConchie is.

    The Republican leadership in Illinois is really the Wuss-Party who beg King Madigan for the table scraps – and they think they’re in on the scam when in reality they’re simply receiving the table scrap leftovers of demoocrat corruption.

    They get animal feed as the democrats live high and mighty off our taxes

  9. McCochie has a 500 gallon tropical fish tank.

    He lives vicariously through his fish.

    He’s a First Class RINO

    Retiré this useless jive – monkey

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