County Board Finance Committee Votes 5-3 to Cancel ICE Contract

At the Thursday meeting of the McHenry County Board’s Finance
Committee, the vote was 5-3 to cancel the Immigration and Customs Enforcement contract to house illegal aliens in the County Jail.

Finance Committee meeting on May 6, 2021.

Voting to cancel the contract were the following:

  • Carlos Acosta (D-5)
  • Steve Doherty (R-4)
  • Lori Parrish (R-3)
  • Larry Smith (R-6)
  • Kelli Wegener (D-3)

Voting to retain the contract were

  • Mike Skala (R-5)
  • Jeff Thorsen (R-2)
  • Tom Wilbeck (R-1)

Revenues from the contract amount to about 2% of the county budget.

Last week, the Law and Government Committee voted 6-2 against cancellation of the contract.


County Board Finance Committee Votes 5-3 to Cancel ICE Contract — 12 Comments

  1. So now we taxpayers will pick up the difference.

    Stupid is what stupid does.

  2. Most people in the county favor keeping it. Y

    ou’re being bullied by a small group of UU cult members and out of county activists.

    Every one of these Republicans who voted to cancel the contract deserves to be primaried out.

  3. As for it being ~2% of the county budget, how much is it of the Sheriff’s budget?

    Of the Jail budget?

    Those are sure to be much larger percentages of budget, and not so easily dismissed.


  4. Once again i ask why is Acosta there ! ?

    Fire/Remove it now…

  5. Well…

    1. That’s two percent you’re not going to have if you want to entertain that argument. “They’re not getting as much money as they used to!” Yeah, well they’re still getting money and it’s still profitable.
    2. I can agree with progs that law enforcement shouldn’t be about revenue generation to lock people up but I come to a different conclusion — when law enforcement locks up murderers, it’s not profitable, but I don’t care. That’s one of the few legit uses of taxes. I’m for defunding the police when they are doing nothing but entrapping people, acting as revenue generators, etc. Law enforcement and revenue generation should be completely decoupled. Yes, we should stop talking about profit. But that’s not why we should ignore illegal immigration. I wouldn’t care if the ICE contract cost the county money. I’d still support it.

    The Constitution doesn’t say anything about police harassing skateboarders or people with a broken tail light.

    That’s local, and I’d like those local people to defund the police if that’s the majority of what their police do.

    A shock troop force against minor violations and especially the poor.

    I don’t support police who act that way.

    I want a police that takes down murderers and rapists and thieves.

    Unfortunately, that’s not what most police do, so I think they should get their budget reduced until they re-prioritize what they are doing.

    The Constitution specifically mentions naturalization and citizenship.

    It’s absolutely law enforcement’s authority to make sure we don’t have who-knows-who in our country, and especially when you consider that most of these people are being held for crimes on top of being here illegally.

    It’s not some migrant farm worker trying to find a better life (like these idiot activists pretend) most of the time it’s an illegal immigrant who did a crime. Sheriff Prim has presented these numbers before.

    Parrish and Smith and Doherty should be ashamed of themselves.

    Seriously, somebody needs to primary them.

    It’s bad enough Democrats go for this stuff but at this point I’m not totally surprised.

    For a Republican, you have no excuse.

    Especially you, Parrish. You should resign.

    We all knew Smith was a turd and Doherty was a Franks appointment, but you Parrish?

    This is pathetic.

    You have disgraced your voters.

  6. The Parrish’s are pure RINO crap.

    No spines, easily scared.

    Doherty was a piece of crap, like Democrat Daddy.

    Larry Smith May be about to spring his own transgender relegation soon.

    Why are these human lice on the board?

    Why is Acosta not in jail?

    Why are we having a national crisis of illegal aliens swarming into our once fair land?

  7. Don’t you people ever learn.

    They are what they are and you keep electing them shame on you.

  8. Fierabras, your point would be well taken if its premise was true,

    The elections are basically rigged.

    So quit blaming the dumbed down electorate.

  9. Why do I see all these stupid cancel ice signs all over crystal lake?

    Resign Parrish!

    Rhino Scum!

  10. I never comment on politics, but for the second time in my 71 years, I’m truly afraid for my kids and grandkids future!

    The “Swamp” (Deep State) that Trump was trying to drain…just keeps getting wider and deeper!

    The Republican party is getting weaker on a national level and of course this state almost has no Republican representation! There are no fighters in the party anymore.

    Now our voting system is controlled by the “Swamp” on all levels.

    It will never again allow a candidate (that wants to accomplish anything) to win an election.

    The borders will be wide open, China will be allowed to eat our lunch, and out of control spending will continue until the country collapses under the weight of it.

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