Property Tax Bills Now Available on County Treasurer’s Website

Last weekend, McHenry County Blog passed on a way one could see how much one owes in real estate taxes this year.

But, how much was going to each tax district was not included.

Now, McHenry County Treasurer Glenda Miller has posted the easy way to figure how much property owners will have to dig up next month.

You can find the starting place here.

I found this breakout of what our family will pay to each tax district:

If one would like to compare what a district extracts this year versus last year, look on the righthand side of the page with your total tax bill. Mine looks like this:

On the righthand side you’ll see two boxes–Pay Taxes and Tax Bill–enlarged below:

Click on the “Tax Bill” box and the tax bill that is being mailed will appear. On it are comparisons of taxes due last year and this year.

Mine looks like this:


Property Tax Bills Now Available on County Treasurer’s Website — 5 Comments

  1. Our taxes in Marengo went up 5.4% last year.

    Many people were off work due to covid.

    I would like to know if we can FOIA a list of all properties in Marengo that were subject to raised taxes.

    I think that information could tell a story

  2. They would throw your FOIA in the ash can as ‘too burdensome.

    FOIA is a joke in Illinois.

  3. I disagree with your take on the Freedom of Information Act.

    I think it was the best accomplishment of Lisa Madigan as Attorney General.

  4. cynthia allen schenk, you might want to confront the Democrats, you most likely voted for.

    They have the same opinion, regarding Vaccines as you do.

    After all, their One Size Fits All, is your mantra.

  5. cynthia allen schenk —

    All properties’ taxes are a matter of public record.

    Got a computer or smart phone?

    Feel free to look up whomever you wish.

    Using FOIA is not necessary.

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