Vaccinations Available at Algonquin Public Works Building This and Next Saturday

From Algonquin Township:

Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic Hosted by Dan McConchie, Walgreens and Village of Algonquin

There will be a free Covid-19 vaccination clinicon Saturday May 15, 2021 and Saturday June 5, 2021.

This clinic is open to anyone ages 16 and older.

Walgreens will be administering the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine, which is administered as a two-dose series, 3 weeks apart.

This means that those who take advantage of the May 15 clinic will need to be available to attend the same clinic on June 5.


  • 1st Shot Clinic Sat. May 15, 2021 9am-4:00pm Algonquin Public Works Facility, 110 Meyer Drive, Algonquin 60102
  • 2nd Shot Clinic*must attend 1st shot clinic to attend* Sat. June 5, 20219am-4:00pm Algonquin Public Works Facility, 110 Meyer Drive, Algonquin 60102

This is a Free Community Vaccination clinic with Walgreens and is Participants can book an appointment ahead of time by registering here. Walk-in vaccinations will also be available.

Insurance and proof of identification is NOT required to receive a vaccination.hosted by State Senator Dan McConchie and the Village of Algonquin.


Vaccinations Available at Algonquin Public Works Building This and Next Saturday — 19 Comments

  1. They seem desperate to get the jabs out now.

    When will they give people a Benjamin to get the jab?

  2. From Alg. Twh?

    Is our State Senator need some name recognition related to a political election coming up?

  3. P.S. Village of Algonquin was one of the VERY FIRST to sign onto the Agenda 21 ICLEI program. Do NOT trust them on ANYTHING! They are criminals pushing Satan’s ONE WORLD ORDER. Fools or Communists? Either one, you get the same results.

  4. The website linked below states factual info with links to
    the CDC and various other substantiated legitimate agencies and websites
    as to why you should NOT take the jab. I’m sure you will find it most interesting.
    Read it and educate yourselves.

  5. My second one is Tuesday, max vax McHenry.

    Back when Trump was running the show, based on the numbers that were given out, it pointed to walk-in availability by mid May, and lo and behold!

    I was surprised that on the third day of eligibility, I got a first appointment.

    On the first day of my vaccine eligibility, I woke up. Then I went on the internet, to look for a shot. Then I hung around on the internet.

    The second day of my….

    My expectations are that things should open up now that they’re readily available, and that we drop the masks.

    If that bothers people, too bad.

    You can “shelter in place” then, get a shot, or get out of the way.


  6. Maybe it’s Bezos, Cindy. He’s already achieved One World Order-ing.

  7. Mellow? You are another moron. The masks will NEVER be dropped. What a foolish reason for you to commit suicide!

  8. President Kamala Harris last year said she wouldn’t get the vaccination. She changed her mind, took it along with her husband. But, now she must think something is wrong. She was seen along with her husband on national tv both wearing masks and then they kissed through their masks.

  9. The real question is why the relentless 24/7 propaganda drive to get people vaxxed?

    A vax unapproved by the FDA

    A vax which is not even a vax at all, but a patented medical device for which its makers are legally immune from suit ‘if things go wrong for the vaxee’

    Soon the untaxed will be subjected to carrot/stick coercion.

    Cash ‘rewards’ and/other things (sports tickets, tax breaks, ability to get on a plane or cross state lines, free gasoline, etc.

    Negative coercion: shunning of intelligent people, folks who believe ‘my body my choice’ cant, public/private school admission, continued employment.

    In short, the Red Chinese social score for the lemmings.

  10. I think the shot is free but they did ask for my insurance card and a strand of hair.

    I don’t know what they needed the strand of hair for but who cares I’ve got tons of hair

  11. Bird Brain Good Day:

    They took your greasy hair to determine your DNA, then uploaded it into a database.

  12. I wash my hair everyday but I did decline the rectal exam for a stool sample. Who’s the idiot now.

  13. Good Day, did Dan Aylward as you for the rectal exam? If so, why did you oblige?

  14. No rectal exam for me just a stool sample.

    I hope I’m good with the next shot maybe they won’t need anything else.

    YOU can get your rectal exam for free I’ve heard.


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