Larry Smith Targeted on Facebook for Vote to Cancel ICE Jail Contract — 13 Comments

  1. You should also go after Democrats on this issue in 2022.

    There are still a lot of blue collar and older Democrats who aren’t on board with the radical agenda of open borders, and if there isn’t a character like Trump that’s running against the Democrat(s), these people might switch votes or at leave it blank.

    I know some lifelong Democrats who voted for Trump in 2020 because of how wacky the Dems have become.

    That’s why Democrats lost a bunch of seats in the House.

  2. Larry Smith is a joke.

    He’s dolt.

    He’s just trying to be popular and appear “caring and sophisticated”.

    His just a vapid mind – Larry Smith wouldn’t stand up to a 6th grade challenge of intellectual capacity.

    We just have to remember this come election time.

  3. Larry Smith is a joke.

    He says China is the future, why won’t he move there and try for a good social credit score?

  4. Deport Smith to Mexico.

    He is like dog poo on a shoe.

    He needs to be deseated from the county board.

    Some Antifa scum called him and his spine snapped.


  5. Don’t forget about parrish and doherty who also supported illegal aliens, in addition to smith.

    Wasn’t parrish opposed to this cancellation last year?

    What a weak coward she is.

  6. Tell every Republican who voted with that child killer defender Acosta that they are getting their asses voted the heck out if they don’t keep the ICE contract, and not only that but we’re going to harass them when we see them in public.

    The right wing is sick of fake Republicans who vote like libtards.

    You aren’t welcome here.

    We are going to bully you in public.

  7. On May 18, the McHenry County Board will consider a resolution to cancel the ICE contract.

    McHenry County Board
    Regular Meeting
    5/18/2021 7:00 PM
    County Board Conference Room
    667 Ware Rd Administration Building Woodstock, IL 60098

    Item 13 on the Agenda is:

    “Resolution to Cancel the Contract Between McHenry County and US Marshal/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)”


    One of the reasons to cancel, a “WHEREAS”, is completely bogus, irrelevant and without data, facts or statistics to backup the claim. It states:

    WHEREAS, the increase in diversity of McHenry County in the past two decades has created a larger segment of the county that is opposed to the contract;

    Whatever the actual and documented amount of diversity in McHenry County is absolutely irrelevant.

    Also, there is no data, statistics about a “larger segment” opposed to the contract. There are about 328,000 persons in the County per recent census and only 12-24 people showed up at anti-ICE rallies in the County. It is not even known IF all of the people at these rallies are citizens of the US who are the only persons who have First Amendment Rights to speech and protest. Illegal aliens, if they were in the rally group, have no rights per First Amendment. But, even if all 12-24 (estimate) are at a rally, that is a tiny, tiny percent of the McHenry County population.

  8. Lil D.A. L gonna have lots of illegal company to feed, house and take care of soon… since he thinks its ok. Now you take ’em … into your home.. cause we are full up of this crap…

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