Commenter Critiques ICE Cancellation Contract

From commenter “Bred Winner”:

On May 18, the McHenry County Board will consider a resolution to cancel the ICE contract.

McHenry County Board
Regular Meeting
5/18/2021 7:00 PM
County Board Conference Room
667 Ware Rd Administration Building Woodstock, IL 60098

Item 13 on the Agenda is:

“Resolution to Cancel the Contract Between McHenry County and US Marshal/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)”


One of the reasons to cancel, a “WHEREAS”, is completely bogus, irrelevant and without data, facts or statistics to backup the claim.

It states:

WHEREAS, the increase in diversity of McHenry County in the past two decades has created a larger segment of the county that is opposed to the contract;

Whatever the actual and documented amount of diversity in McHenry County is absolutely irrelevant.

Also, there is no data, statistics about a “larger segment” opposed to the contract.

There are about 328,000 persons in the County per recent census and only 12-24 people showed up at anti-ICE rallies in the County.

May 8, 2021, Downtown Algonquin rally in favor of cancelling the ICE contract.

It is not even known IF all of the people at these rallies are citizens of the US who are the only persons who have First Amendment Rights to speech and protest.

Illegal aliens, if they were in the rally group, have no rights per First Amendment.

But, even if all 12-24 (estimate) are at a rally, that is a tiny, tiny percent of the McHenry County population.


Commenter Critiques ICE Cancellation Contract — 16 Comments

  1. The WHEREAS thing is sooo juvenile it begs the question, who are these dumb asses?

  2. Just another lie from the Dems and their moppets, the surrender ‘Republicans’.

    These people are filth.

  3. In other words no one around here is in favor of the closing, but a few rabble rousers from God knows where, can get leaders to go along with this…thanks bred.

  4. To my knowledge, the Supreme Court has never directly ruled that undocumented aliens have no free speech protections. Nor, to my knowledge, has it ruled that undocumented aliens have the full panoply of free speech rights. For example, could an undocumented alien successfully sue for damages under 42 U.S.C. § 1983 for a violation of free speech rights ? We just don’t know.

    What could result, however, is deportation proceedings.

  5. Primate – the correct term is illegal aliens not undocumented aliens unless one is to endorse the mostly corrupt and left wing media and Democrats who are by their actions, words and policies intent on the destruction of the U.S. with open borders and invitations for illegals to come to the U.S.

    Also, was the U.S. Constitution written and adopted to ALSO protect and give rights to peoples from the nations outside the U.S. to illegally come to the U.S. and claim or use those rights?

  6. Primate, quit using newspeak. These people are not ‘undocumented’…. they are illegal aliens who invaded the USA as if they were a vast invading army or locust swarm. They dispossess us and bankrupt us. Some of the rape, rob and kill intentionally or through DUI recklessness.

    Yes a few are nice. But the the net result is terrible. They ruined their own lands like narco State Mexico or Stone Age Somalia .

    They turn America into a third world pest hole.

    50 of them should be housed by you primate, when they start wrecking your place, I don’t wanna hear your BS!

  7. Think of the fun if Operation Wetback was reinstituted?

    Look it up.

  8. They’re going to be voting on this within the next week.

    I suggest you all take meaningful action to make your political opinions known to county board members instead of replying to some gay retard who pretends to be a lawyer on a blog.

  9. In Illinois, what normal, law abiding, working, family oriented taxpayers think, means jack sh*t.

  10. The law regarding free speech protections is the same with regard to such folks whatever term you use to characterize them.

  11. That applies more to the higher ups like state and federal lawmakers. County board members are somewhat persuadable, Paul.

    It doesn’t hurt to try.

    Your opponents are going to be writing letters and making calls and if you abstain, the board members are only going to hear from wackos.

  12. I have noticed many signs up in front of people’s homes to cancel the contract.

    I think the number of people in favor of it is being underestimated.

    Pay attention as you drive around McHenry County.

  13. …I have a crush on cynthia i think she is so cute. Is that bad?

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