Liz Cheney Ousted on Voice Vote as U.S. House Republican Conference Chair

Liz Cheney

Replacement to be named later, possibly not named until next Congress

This morning in a closed door meeting of the U.S. House Republican Caucus, House Republicans, on a voice vote, removed Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R, WY-At Large) from her leadership post as House Republican Conference Chair, the number 3 leadership position for the minority party in the House.

The 54 year old Cheney, serving in her 3rd term, was defiant until the end, but her removal from leadership was expected.

What was not expected was the decision to replace Cheney being delayed this morning.

Since last week, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R, NY-21) was widely seen as the favorite to replace Cheney, and no other names had emerged for replacements.

But the influential Club for Growth voiced opposition to the 4-term, 36 year old Stefanik last Wednesday, given she has a lifetime rating of 34% with the Club.

By contrast, Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, IL-16) has a 48% lifetime rating with Club for Growth.

In spite of Stefanik’s vigorous defense during President Trump’s first impeachment hearings in late 2019, many view Stefanik as a “johnny-come-lately” supporting President Trump. Open opposition to Stefanik was voiced yesterday from Congressman Chip Roy (R, TX-21), in spite of Stefanik’s promise to only serve as conference chair until the end of the current 117th Congress.

Whether the House Republicans replace Cheney during the 117th Congress remains to be seen.

Developing story…


Liz Cheney Ousted on Voice Vote as U.S. House Republican Conference Chair — 38 Comments

  1. I’m not arguing that Stefanik should get the position per se but what’s with the obsession over what Club for Growth thinks?

    There should be more to choosing Republican leadership than a score from one organization.

    As for Cheney, the loudest voices complaining are Democrats.

    Their opinions are irrelevant.

    You think if some Republican said “Well I’d prefer Jared Golden to Nancy Pelosi for Speaker” any Democrats would care what they think?

    Of course not.

  2. Correcting, I can answer in one word why Club for Growth has influence:


    In recent years, the Club for Growth Action super PAC is one of the most generous conservative super PACs contributing, through Independent Expenditures (IEs) to support their endorsed candidates, and/or oppose anyone a candidate running against their preferred candidate. Congressman Byron Donalds (R, FL-19) owes his election to the millions in IEs the super PAC contributed, both in support of him, and opposition to others in last year’s Republican primary in the heavily Republican district.

    Congressman Chip Roy (R, TX-21) owes much of his successful reelection last year to the super PAC’s IEs, too, so wasn’t surprised Roy went public with his opposition to Stefanik, given their influence.

    On Stefanik, Club for Growth were the first to publicly oppose Stefanik’s elevation to conference chair, and its president, David McIntosh (former staffer in the Reagan Administration) went on record to go “deeper” on the Stefanik record, given her voting record (for example, opposed the Tax Cut & Jobs Act in 2017).

  3. Seems like a prime example of “cancel culture” to me.

    And just because someone has the honesty and cohones to tell the truth.

  4. Liz, You’ve just been . . . CANCELED.

    Now the Wyoming voters need to finish the job.

    The power of MAGA is great !

  5. **The power of MAGA is great !**

    LOL. You lost the election.

    And then you punish a very conservative ally for… saying you lost the election.

    What incredible power.

  6. TDS is strong in this fool.

    Trump lives rent free in his head forever.

    The power of MAGA is awesome !

  7. Alabama, the election was stolen. Biden is the sham President. Put in by coup.

    Good riddance to utter globalist trash, Liz.

    Just like your traitorous father.

    Go work for the Chinese or Israelis after the Wyomingites pack you off.

    Maybe Romney will give you a job lying 24/7.

  8. Republicans deciding which Republicans should be in Republican leadership roles =/= “cancel culture”

    My only regret is that they had a secret ballot for Liz Cheney.

    That’s cowardly imo.

    They should have gone on record.

  9. Liz Cheney is dumb. She likely would be a nobody without her father.

    She has wasted months slamming Trump and giving the mostly left wing Democrat loving media fodder to exploit.

    She should have been talking about the incredible recklessness and incompetence by the Doofus Biden and his Regime.

    So much craziness by Biden such as him inviting illegals into the US over the last couple years.

    Also, the reckless stimulus bills for the Chinese VIrus wherein the majority of monies allotted have nothing to do with the after effects of the Virus.

    How about Biden stupidity on the Green New Deal or cancelling the Keystone Pipeline.

    Or stopping the construction of the wall on the southern border.

    So, so, so much material this dope Liz could have used to legitimately criticize the reckless Biden Regime.

    What about the nonsense promoted as “equity” by the doofus Biden?

    So much material to use and she blew it.

  10. Correcting, it wasn’t a “secret ballot”, it was a voice vote, and sounded like those voting to remove Cheney far outnumbered those wanting to keep her.

    Bred winner is right. Instead of wailing against Trump throughout 2021 from Trump’s Senate trial acquittal forward, she needed to be pointing out deficiencies of Biden Administration and there are plenty.

    Those old enough to remember the gasoline lines of the late 1970s, and now inflation fears roiled the markets, that is where Cheney needed to focus energy.

    Not doing interviews talking about Trump, not while holding a leadership post. That’s been taken away.

  11. ok point taken but I don’t like voice votes as a matter of principle.

    It’s a secret ballot if they’re not on record. I don’t care if the opposition to Cheney was louder than the support for her. (It’s good but not optimal.)

    I’d hope the opposition WOULD be louder. I’d like them to be on record too.

    I would have wanted roll call, John.

    I want legislators on record.

    And if I were a legislator I would vote with no shame and no hiding to remove Cheney.

    Voice vote just says they aren’t confident enough to go on record. Or they’re afraid of something. What are they afraid of?


    I’m not saying I think the vote was illegitimate. I think it was legitimate. I just wish they were more transparent about it.

    Screw Liz Cheney. Good riddins!

    But be braver in your opposition to her. That’s all I’m saying.

  12. Since when did Shake and the rest of the communists embrace the Bush/Cheney Syndicate “conservative” policy of perpetual world war?

    Newsflash – the Bush/Cheney Syndicate is not now, nor was it ever, “conservative”.

    In fact, there were magazines, such as “The American Conservative” that sprang up in opposition to the Bush/Cheney Syndicate’s policy of perpetual war.

    National Review attacked “unpatriotic conservatives” like Bob Novak, Pat Buchanan, Joe Sobran, Justin Raimondo, Lee Rockwell, Tom Fleming who opposed the Bush/Cheney Syndicate’s policy of perpetual war.

    So now the communists have come to embrace Cheneyism while patriots have remained antiwar.

    But thanks for your incorrect definition of what constitutes “conservative”.

  13. WGN Washington Correspondent Basil John stated the following on WGN-TV News at 9:18 Central Time on May 12, 2021:

    “During a closed-door meeting, House Republicans voted House Republican Liz Cheney out of her leadership role because of her ongoing criticism of former President Trump.”

    That is true, BUT NOT the complete story as is usual with left wing media. You have to wonder at the competency of this news organization in NOT reporting the real reason she was removed. Or perhaps not competency, but bias. Who knows?

    Yes, Republicans were tired and irritated about Liz. But, the real reasons for the displeasure was that Liz showed ZERO leadership. There were so many, numerous facts and instances of gross incompetence and recklessness including even child endangerment by the Doofus Biden and his regime since Jan 20, 2021.

    In a leadership position, Liz SHOULD HAVE BEEN TOTALLY 100 percent focused on the Biden Regime and the damage it has done to our Nation and reported same to the Nation on the damage it has done vs Republican positions including the former President Trump. She was oblivious to that responsibility and correctly she was removed from a leadership position within the Republican Party. The opposition Party always has the responsibility of critiquing the Party in power. She did not do that and instead had a personal vendetta against a former president and wasted her position of authority. Good riddance. Maybe the people of her district will realize her incompetence and will not re-elect her.

  14. Correcting (Republicans deciding which Republicans should be in Republican leadership roles =/= “cancel culture”)

    Nice try at deflection, but the issue is, why was she removed from a leadership position ?

    Was it because she told the truth about the outcome of an election ?

  15. **Since when did Shake and the rest of the communists embrace the Bush/Cheney Syndicate “conservative” policy of perpetual world war?**

    I said nothing of the sort, but good try.

  16. Innocent Primate and Alabama Shake you both know who I am and where I stay so why don’t you come and get a piece of this?

    You think you’re tough?

    Come on boy.

    Let’s see what you got.

  17. Shake you are going to get what’s coming to you.

    You are going to deserve every beat and punch and kick and whatever.

    You think you’re special but you gonna find out that you’re not and in the worst of ways buddy man.

    The order is going to break down and then what??

    Do you think you can fend for yourself??

    With your weak ass self?

    You won’t defend anything and you’re going to get punked like a little bitch!

    There aint a single black or Hispanic person who respects you.

    You’re testing your time.

    You’re going to get dealt the pain.

    In a time that is near a white man and a black and a Mexican is going to whomp your ass silly.

  18. Yeah, we are going to need to remove AlabamaShake and Innocent Primate from this.

  19. You can always tell the classy, well-educated, well-adjusted folks.

  20. No, Shake, you didn’t say it directly.

    But you did defend her”conservativism”, implying what a disaster it was that we aren’t embracing her “conservativism”, which amounts to endless wars.

    Since the GOP has been the party of peace the last five years, why would anyone consider as an ally someone who embraces perpetual war?

    Nice try getting around the implications of your ridiculous statements.

  21. Liz is a war monger all right.

    But care nothing about the third world invasion of America.

    She will soon be axed by the people of Wyoming who were mislead by her criminal father.

    Her sister is a virulent lesbian.

    Something is screwed up with Liz’s genes or upbringing.

    She went to the U of C for law school with my brother.

    In Hyde park she was heavily into various substances and was a promiscuous creature with various ‘brothers’.

    She would not argue in law school, she would only laugh at people.

    Her nickname in law school was ‘hyena’.

  22. Yippie!

    A real psycho chicken.

    Kinzinger: you are next.

  23. LOL – Correcting seems mad.

    But I have no idea what those rants are talking about, other than for some reason wanting to have a physical fight for some reason?

    Also, I have no idea who you are.

    Why don’t you tell us?

    Let me clear though – I am not defending Cheney or her conservatism.

    I have no interest in defending her and I fundamentally disagree with her on pretty much everything, from her social positions, to her fiscal positions, to her foreign policy views.

    But I *DO* find it amusing that folks are more upset about Cheney not supporting Trump’s lies than Stefanik’s “RINO” voting record.

    You’ve all placed personality over policy.

    And I’m fine with that. But also amused by it.

  24. Huge big lipped RINO, any one knows WY, SD All very Conservative States, who does she think her fake Crap was going to fool, she got what is coming to her and Karma is a real B*&^h, yet to unfold for her RINO fakeness…

    now you can join the ranks of the sea hags regime…

    that is where you belong your not for any American just yourself…

    not my or WY,rep..

    just like Not My President we are sick of your kind trying to fool the American people your going to get caught sooner or later, If i were this fake RINO i be looking to move out of that hard core STATE its not gonna go well for her…

    me thinks…..

  25. AlabamaShake is nothing but a political consultant for the Democrats.


  26. Shake -if you think that the Bush/Cheney Syndicate represents conservatives then you have not been paying attention one bit the past six years.

    Or you are intentionally lying.

    If you didn’t see PDJT make a fool of Fredo Bush and the Bush Clan then you are intentionally ignorant.

  27. Shake – if you think people have placed personality over policy then you are extremely ignorant and unfamiliar with, Lee Rockwell, VDare, paleo conservativism and the like.

    I‘m not sure if you’re that obtuse or if you’re just trolling.

    If you weren’t aware that there was this war going on while the Bush/Cheney Syndicate was in power you obviously never heard of Harriet Miers, the Bush Amnesty, National Review and “Unpatriotic Conservatives”.

    You may actually be that dense.

  28. Speaking of personality over policy, who claimed they were against the Patriot Act and then supported Mr. Roman Columns who codified the Patriot Act and the spying that goes along with it, then persecuted poor Edward Snowden for revealing it?

    Who claimed they were antiwar, then forgot about that when Roman Columns continued the War Party’s bidding, then opposed the guy bringing actual peace deals and starting no new wars for the first time in a hundred years?

    If you think people chose personality over policy, it is because a) you’re too obtuse to know people actually chose policy over dynasty, and b) you engaged in personality worship and continue to do so to this day.

  29. Again, I don’t like Liz Cheney.

    But she’s going to likely be replaced with Stefanik, who is far more of a RINO than Cheney is.

    And it’s for one reason.

    And war/foreign policy isn’t the reason.

    Trump is the reason.

    And y’all know it.

  30. Actually that’s not it.

    As a matter of fact the only reason the Cheney Syndicate hates MAGA is because of war/foreign policy.

    And you know it.

    Otherwise please explain the number 3 house Republican backing a primary challenge (a racist challenger, as a matter of fact) against antiwar libertarian Republican Thomas Massie of Kentucky.

    I don’t think you know anything any deeper than what CNN tells you.

    You don’t have an original thought anywhere in your brain.

    So maybe you don’t know it.

  31. Chase Gioberti is right on.

    The Bush crime syndicate (as well as the Clinton crime syndicate and the Obama-Biden crime syndicate must be held accountable for their MANY crimes and wars.

    Liz Cheney is pure poison. Like Plutonium.

  32. Wow, Shake, you totally refuted the point that you are a product of nothing more than propaganda and have never had an independent, original thought in your entire existence as a sheep just following the herd along.

    But, ahem, LOL.

    No need to try again, the point was made, everyone recognized it, and your simpleton response is “LOL”.

    If it walks like a duck…

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