Federal Internet Subsidy Out There

More free stuff from the Democrats in Washington.

The Washington Post reports:

The Emergency Broadband Benefit, or EBB, was launched Wednesday to help a surprisingly wide range of people hit economically by the coronavirus pandemic.

It can pay $50 every month toward the cost of your Internet service, and it is available to all families who lost some income in the last year and earn less than $198,000, among others.

With $3.2 billion up for grabs, the EBB is the largest federal program to help with Internet bills in the three decades Americans have been going online.

Eligibility boils down to the following, according to the Post:

  1. Americans who lost jobs or substantial income during the pandemic — which at the lowest point in May 2020, was about 50 million Americans, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  2. People who receive food stamps, Medicaid, supplemental Social Security income, federal public housing assistance, have a child who qualified for free and reduced-price lunch at school or received a federal Pell Grant for education. You also can get it if your income is 135 percent or less than the federal poverty guidelines, which vary by household size and state.
  3. Americans who already receive subsidized or low-income Internet service, such the FCC’s Lifeline or ISP-sponsored programs such as Comcast’s $10 per month Internet Essentials.


Federal Internet Subsidy Out There — 3 Comments

  1. Inundate the population with porn, gay propaganda, Chinese propaganda and Hollyweird nonsense.

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