Crystal Laker Mike Cortina Announces Candidacy for Appellate Court Vacancy

Below is the press release from the first candidate to announce for the Appellate Court, Michael Cortina.

He applied for an Associate Judgeship in 2019.

Cortina was the attorney for Algonquin Township Republican Supervisor candidate Randy Funk, when Funk successfully challenged the petition seeking a referendum to consolidate Algonquin Township with McHenry County.

He is running for the Democratic Party’s nomination

Cortina for Justice Campaign Announced

Mike Cortina

Mike Cortina has announced his candidacy for appellate court judge in Illinois’ 2 nd Appellate District, and the Cortina for Justice Committee has been formed.

Cortina, a Cuban-American and U.S. Veteran, has practiced law in Illinois for 23 years.

“I am running because we need judges who not only balance the demographics of the bench to match that of the community, but also have the experience, knowledge, and history of service that is critical for any jurist.

“Our judicial branch should represent the professional and demographic diversity of our state, and I am excited to apply my skills and experience to serve the community that I love.”

Currently a partner with SmithAmundsen, LLC, and manager of the firm’s Crystal Lake office, he has also served as an arbitrator, mediator, prosecutor, and defense attorney. Cortina and his wife Becky have two adult daughters and have lived in Crystal Lake for over 20 years.

The primary will be held on March 15, 2022.

For more information or to join the campaign, please visit us at, contact us at, or follow us on Twitter @Cortina4Justice.

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His firm’s profile follows:

Mike is the attorney to call for banks across the Midwest. He has extensive experience representing banks in various types of litigation, including but not limited to: uniform commercial code, automobile dealership cases, personal guaranties, foreclosures, check alterations, fraud, replevins, collections, bankruptcy adversary proceedings, and priority disputes. He also advises bank clients on operations matters, such as how to respond to a subpoena for a customer’s accounts, a non-wage garnishment of an account, or a federal grand jury subpoena for customer information.

Mike represents creditors in all types of matters pertaining to the United States Bankruptcy Code. In representing the interests of his clients in bankruptcy court, Mike has run the gamut by doing everything from filing a proof of claim to suing and defending in adversary proceedings to seeking revocation of a debtor’s discharge due to fraud.  He even represented a creditor in a rare Chapter 9 (municipal) bankruptcy that was filed in Illinois, and successfully obtained dismissal of that case. 

A well-rounded banking attorney, Mike drafts, edits and reviews loan documents for all types of matters. Mike drafts complete document packages for multi-million dollar loans, reviews existing documents for legal sufficiency, provides attorney approval for loans, and consults on pending loans. He negotiates and drafts transactional documents for real estate purchases and sales, real estate financing, and easements. He also handles litigation for real estate disputes, including foreclosures, mechanics liens, priority disputes, easements, trespass, zoning disputes, and eminent domain.

Mike is also a private pilot who negotiates and drafts loan documentation for aircraft, including business jets, private jets, turbo props and single-engine planes. He is well versed in Part 91, Part 135, and the other Federal Aviation Regulations.   

As co-chair of the firm’s financial services group, Mike oversees a team providing financial institutions with advice and representation on transactional and litigation matters throughout each of the firm’s seven offices.

A strong community is built on the notion that the members of that community invest and give back to one another. To that end, Mike is an active member of the Lions Club, a global leader in community and humanitarian services.


Crystal Laker Mike Cortina Announces Candidacy for Appellate Court Vacancy — 24 Comments

  1. Don’t be fooled, this fink needs to be grassed.

    He’s a Shepley protégé.

    And big government, open border hack.

  2. Sooooooooooo smart.

    Yeah, right.

    But he doesn’t now how to shave.

    Maybe he’s starting a beard like Fidel.

  3. Mike says:

    “Our judicial branch should represent the professional and demographic diversity of our state….”

    There should be a number of criteria and experience used to determine if a candidate for judge is qualified to serve.

    Placing someone in any position or job to satisfy an arbitrary formula for diversity is never appropriate.

  4. He’s got a real foul mouth.

    I can tell you from personal experience.

    Ask him for his tax return.

  5. The press release says he’s running for the Appellate Court. Your headline and lede say he’s running for Supreme Court.

  6. Maybe his distant cousin will pony up some bread for his race.

    Some Cortinas beat feet when the Communists took over Spain for awhile and headed to Cuba.

    When Communists took over Cuba, some Cortinas returned to Spain under Franco (and did pretty nicely), others took their loot to America with a little help from the underworld which had been basically running the country for the Mob.

    Now my question: if so many Cortinas escaped Communism, why is this one a Communist, preaching identity politics as his ticket to ambitious success.

    Maybe this Cortina should be unmasked and handed back to the Cubans?

  7. Can’t wait to see one of these so called Attorneys really do something for the American People and stand up and do some prosecution of all the corrupt politicians …

    when does that happen?


    all anyone does is talk talk talk about it …

    no one has the nads to do anything about prosecuting…

  8. His daughter (I think) organized the Black Lives Matter billboards that cropped up around the county last year.

    There’s a $500 donation on that GoFundMe from Anonymous, which I imagine is what a big-money lawyer who wants to support his daughter, but still run for public office in the future, would do.

    A journalist should ask him on the record whether he (or anyone on his behalf, i.e. his wife, his law firm expense account, etc.) donated to that fundraiser.

    He also should be asked what he thinks about Black Lives Matter.

    It is important to me to know whether a judge candidate dabbles in racially-divisive Marxist politics.

  9. The complaints above: he curses (I’ve not heard him curse in conversations); he wears a green tie (the horror!); someone thinks his daughter organized some BLM group then a gofundme received an anonymous donation, so Cortina killed Jimmy Hoffa.

    You folks are precious.

    Could you come up with some fact-based criticism of his experience or ability?

    The court records are full of documents available for public inspection.

    Check the ARDC site. Look where he went to school.

    Do something other than name-calling.

    And tax returns.

    Really, can any Republican, other than Liz Cheney I suppose, ever again support a demand for release of tax returns?

    We have to argue with some level of consistency.

  10. He went to NIU Law School, just like Derek Lee and his wife.

    I think we can do better.

  11. Martin, you must be Cortina.

    Nice going chump.

    Cortina is going down.

    As him about his early years in the law and The Shaw case.

    He’s a rat who figured out how to walk upright.

    Confront him about BLM in public!

    Ask about his Hillary lawn sign.

    Yes, ask him to turn over his tax returns.

  12. I’m him, but then you holler at me referring to him in the third person.

    You still say nothing about his qualifications.

    In the past, you and other anonymous cowards have called me James Cowlin, Pat Kenneally, Mary Nader, Mary McClellan, Joel Berg, others.

    I’m me, ya chowderhead.

  13. Martin,

    We get that you think him being in the orbit of BLM is a positive.

    I think it’s a strong negative.

    Let’s shine some light on it and let the voters decide.

  14. No, Ratman.

    You don’t speak for “we,” I did not write or imply what you said, and your claimed link between Cortina and BLM is idiotic.

    Tell us something factual – meaning backed up by actual evidence – that has something to do with being an appellate court justice.

    Anything beyond anonymous people saying to anonymous people they heard anonymous people say something about him.

  15. Wylie wrote, “Look at Cortina’s tie.

    He’s virtue signaling he’s a lefty.”

    I just got the impression he has bad taste in ties, but Wylie might not be wrong because commenter Batman is correct that there IS a person named Sam Cortina who was involved in organizing BLM events in McHenry County, and we know that Cortina has two adult daughters.

    “Sam Cortina, of Crystal Lake, coordinated and raised funds for the billboard in Crystal Lake, and Marengo resident Nicole Weskerna did the same for her city.”

    That Gofundme link has some interesting names on it.

    It’s the usual who’s who of UU cultists and left-liberals, but I saw a Lillia Cortina, a Joee Cortina (spelled like that), Lisa Arvanites (a pc), Theresa Meshes (who I believe is a county board member or at least was a candidate), Beth Vonau (former judicial candidate), Kelli Wegener (county board member), and Samantha Cortina.

  16. If someone’s kid is an outspoken racist, it gives you enough suspicion to ask the parent some questions.

    Did the kid learn that at home? Do the parents disavow the hate? We’re not talking about a Nazi, though.

    We’re talking about a child who is a key figure in the local Black Lives Matter movement.

    You apparently have a soft spot for Black Lives Matter but understand how toxic any affiliation with this group is for winning local office, which is why you want to sweep it under the rug.

    There’s enough here to ask this politician questions.

  17. Speaking of sexually insecure bigots, how have you missed the Brian Sager story, Woodstock naming a street after him?

    I was looking forward to the shrieking, but nothing so far.

  18. Sager pays way too much attention to ‘rectal enjoyment’ That is very unsanitary. Brian thinks he’s hot sh!t, but he’s watery diarrhea.

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