Motion for Summary Judgment Against Bob and Anna May Miller Dismissed

The following court order signed by Associate Judge Thomas Meyer dismisses a motion for summary judgement in Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Andrew Gasser’s suit against his predecessor Bob Miller and Miller’s wife and employee, Anna May.

Not the next hearing is on June 2nd, at which time, Gasser will have been replaced by his assistant Danijela Sandberg, who beat the Miller’s son-in-law Derek Lee.

Perhaps someone who was in the courtroom will provide information the court order refers to as “for the reasons stated on the record.”

A Friend of McHenry County Blog explains,

Summary judgment can only be granted if there are no material issues of fact or law.

There are material issues of fact that remain in dispute. 

I did not attend the hearing and am unsure exactly how the judge ruled other than he denied the motion. \

Gasser will have to prove the material facts of his complaint. 

However, it remains to be seen if the new Road District Commission will continue to pursue this matter.


Motion for Summary Judgment Against Bob and Anna May Miller Dismissed — 9 Comments

  1. Cal, you should FOIA how much was paid to Hanlon since he became the ATRD lawyer.

    Maybe ask for all the legal costs related to Gasser’s folley.

    Rumor is over $2,000,000.00 was wasted by our Hero.

  2. Associate Judge Meyer is appointed by the elected Circuit Court Judges.

  3. I could be wrong but a Summary Judgement is the same as a “Directed Finding” isn’t it?

    Meaning absolutely “NO FACTS” have been provided to the court.

    Please correct me otherwise.

  4. Judge Meyer, as is the case with all of the currenty seated county judges, is appointed by the other judges.

    There is really no such thing as an “elected judge” because all of the full judges were originally appointed as associate judges and then, when a vacancy in a full judgeship occured, one of them was elevated to the status of full judge.

    The full judge then has to stand for election but so far none of them have lost.

    Then they have that seat for, I believe, ten years before having to stand for re-election.

    It has really only been in recent years that serious candidacies have been mounted in the GOP primaries.

    There is no point running in the general election as a Democrat or even an Independent.

    Bar association ratings play a major role as most voters don’t pay a lot of attention to judicial races and rely on the bar ratings.

    There are only two choices in the bar ratings: “Qualified” and “Unqualified”.

    Even though the voting on the bar ratings is anonymous, most practicing lawyers seem to be afraid to vote against sitting judges who they have to appear before.

    The ballots are mail ins where the attorney has to sign the outside envelope and then the ballot is inside unsigned.

    However, it is possible for whomever is opening the envelopes to note who voted for whom.

    So challengers almost always get an “unqualified” rating which sounds ominous to voters so they go with the person who got the “qualified” rating, who is always a sitting judge.

    The judicial elections are therefore a sham.

    It’s really an appointment system.

  5. No no no no.

    Circuit Judges Gervais, Hansen, Davis and others have been directly appointed to fill retirement vacancies.

    None were associate judges first.

    All ran in open elections the first time, now for retention hereafter.

    When a circuit retires, the Supreme Court justice for our circuit (was Bears kicker Bob Thomas til he retired) has sole appointment discretion.

  6. 100% agree with you BecauseScience and this overlooked sham has a direct and lasting impact on our freedoms every single day.

    Many other States offer public rating systems for Judges.

    The Public, Lawyers and then how many cases overturned.

    Illinois needs the same Transparent process.

    We really need to do something because it’s harmful to all of us.

  7. Meyer is not too sharp, but he’s a genius compared to Mary Nader a real nadir of judicial temperament and ability.

    She got her spot by being a bed hopper of a weird kind.

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