Nathan Hayes To Be Marengo’s New Police Chief

Nathan Hayes is scheduled to be approved as the new Police Chief of the City of Marengo after having been appointed by Mayor John Koziol.

Nathan Hayes

Currently, Hayes is Deputy Chief of Arlington Heights, where he has worked since October, 1998.

He is a graduate of Columbia College at both the undergraduate (2003) and master’s degree (2014) levels in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement administration.

In 2013 he took part in Northwestern University’s School of Police Staff and Command.

in 2017, Hayes attended the FBI National Academy.

He has also served as Director of the Regional Homicide Task Force that provides immediate assistance, including Investigative, Forensics and Surveillance to 21 jurisdictions in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago.

He will take office on May 24th, assuming approval of the City Council of Mayor


Nathan Hayes To Be Marengo’s New Police Chief — 11 Comments

  1. Something about that guy’s physiognomy scares the hell out of me.

    He went to Communist Run Columbia College.

    So is he ‘woke’?

    Arlington Hts has seen a steep crime rise due to section eight vouchers.

    Just another immigrant from the collapsing Chicago metro area with his hands out for pension no. 2.

    But I could be all wet and this guy will, somehow, restore order to declining, meth flush, Mexican gang infested Marengo.

    Give him a chance.

  2. Just hope its not another double dipper looking for a slowed down pace from where they came from, while getting a promotion and raise.

    I’m sure he’s got the credentials and experience, but whatever happened to trying to promote from within the dept?

    Arlington Hts aint what it used to, but then again neither is Marengo.

  3. Marengo and Harvard are burned husks of the town’s they once were.

    But so is America I guess.

    Now elections are rigged, so what’s the point?

    The minutemen of 1776 would know what to do.

    Traitors were dealt with.

  4. Kojak was a great show.

    We need a Kojak in Chicago.

    Not the black puppet in charge, who took over from another black puppet crook.

    Kojak would now what to do with Jussie Smolett.

    And it wouldn’t be fawning over his latest victimhood stunts.

  5. Santa, he can’t get a second pension, he just collects his AH pension (about 12k month) while making 6 figures in Marengo (about 10k month) plus family insurance, which saves him 1500 a month for that and he gets to keep the 10% he would normally contribute towards a police pension.

    They double dip but cannot get a second pension any more.

  6. He’s a dead ringer for former Chitown cop Steve Wilkos from the Jerry Springer Show.

  7. So excited for this amazing man!

    Never met somebody more hardworking or driven in their career.

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