Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Danijela Sandberg Sworn In

Attending the in-person meeting of the Nunda Township Board last night, I was surprised to learn that Road Commissioner Mike Lesperance had already been sworn in.

While Nunda Township Trustees took their oaths of office, the Road Commissioner did not.

State law apparently says that Road Commissioner take office then days after election results are certified.

The big news in Road Commissioner elections involved the contest between former Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s son-in-law Derek Lee and Danijela Sandberg, the assistant of the man who beat Miller, Andrew Gasser.

I thought Sandberg’s swearing in was worth sharing, so I asked for photos and received the following:

Danijela Sandberg being sworn in by Judge David Gervais.
Danijela Sandberg and Judge David Gervais.

There is perhaps some irony in the fact that Gervais worked in the Algonquin Township Assessor’s Office while in college. That was when reformer Forrest B. Hare was Assessor.


Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Danijela Sandberg Sworn In — 8 Comments

  1. The real irony is Sandberg and Lee have made peace and are working together.

    Their job is now to right what Gasser …… up, the pavement repair which has been shorted for three years by Gasser’s folly’s.

    Sandberg should be transparent on the Non dedicated roads that became dedicated roads that weren’t brought up to minimum road standards, a touch unethical of Gasser, on the fraudulent side even.

    Sandberg appears to be a improvement over Gasser, the people who live on AT township roads should see a improvement in services over the Gasser years.

  2. I thought Biden said we dont have to wear masks indoors anymore,as of yesterday afternoon?

    Why they wearing them if this photo was taken after that?

    And why did everyone at Sams Club have them on today?

    I didnt.

    Dont they listen to their President?

    Or was it taken earlier and I misread…anyway, can you fix the HUGE pothole at 3 Oaks and Manor Roads–its been there for 3 years now.

    Or is it City, county or State responsibility

    That how this gets played?

    3 flipping years, every turn on Manor North off Three Oaks and Look Out.

    I dont care about the Politics of that place anymore, just go fill in some holes please and if not yours, tell the Group it is Please.

  3. If the wacko Nob (Bobby LEE Miller) extols Sandberg, there must be some crooked angle to it

  4. Nope my Jar Head, pal, talk to her and now feel better about her ability to manage.

    Bob, the roads by the townhouses are Crystal Lake’s, call them.

  5. why bother taking pictures of masked people
    Stupidity runs rampant here

  6. The Nob is a nattering nabob of negativism.

    A township whore from Bangalore.

  7. Sandberg will right the ship that Andrew Gasser tanked and that Bob Miller strip-mined.

    And expecting any positive contribution from Derek Lee, Bob Miller’s son-in-law and failed candidate for Highway Commissioner, will be a recipe for disappointment…

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