Ness Co-Sponsors Bill to Create Task Force to Study Domestic Violence

From State Rep. Suzanne Ness:

Ness-Sponsored Legislation to Form Domestic Violence Task Force Passes House

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – State Rep. Suzanne Ness, D-Crystal Lake, is sponsoring legislation to create a Domestic Violence Task Force to conduct a comprehensive study of current domestic violence laws in Illinois and look for ways to improve protections for victims of violence.  

“Too often we hear tragic stories of domestic violence that make us wonder how a violent situation occurred and what could have been done to prevent it,” said Ness.

“Creating a Domestic Violence Task Force allows us to work to ensure that all victims of domestic violence have access to the resources they need and to study the current laws and practices surrounding domestic violence situations, find solutions to fix any gaps in the system and provide more protections and support for victims of violence.”

Ness is a co-sponsor of House Bill 3317, which creates the Domestic Violence Task Force in Illinois to review and identify gaps in the process, operations and enforcement of domestic violence laws.

The Task Force is required to submit a report to the Governor and the General Assembly with the findings of their review.

National and Illinois domestic violence data finds that on average nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner and one in three women and one in seven men have experienced some form of physical violence from an intimate partner, according to the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Ness’ bill recently passed unanimously out of the House of Representatives and is awaiting consideration in the Senate.

“We must put an end to domestic violence and do everything we can to be sure we are improving our state’s response to this prevalent issue,” said Ness.

“This measure was taken to ensure our current policies meet the real needs of survivors and to support domestic violence professionals that will help these families navigate breaking out of the cycle of violence. I am proud to support the creation of this Task Force, so we can do everything in our power to prevent future acts of domestic violence.”


Ness Co-Sponsors Bill to Create Task Force to Study Domestic Violence — 7 Comments

  1. More DEMOCRAT taxpayer funded time wasting virtue signaling BS.

    With all the problems this state has this is the priority which occupies the mind of Ness.

    What a mess.

  2. HonestAbe1 – sorry to break it to you, but this bill’s House chief sponsor is a Republican. The co-sponsor list is very bipartisan, and it passed the House unanimously.

    Oh, and then when it got the Senate, the chief sponsor there is also a Republican.

    So want to try again?

  3. Zombie infested abandoned wasteland, seeks go-getting political parasites, for 1,000,190th report to be filed Indiana Jones style, in aging Springfield Warehouse.

    Must be available 4 hours per month.

    Apply to Governor.

  4. What about the violence she visits on taxpayers, white people and heterosexuals every damn day,

  5. Some info, someone shared with me, about 2 1/2 years ago.
    Dec 19, 2018, 11:45 AM

    These guys just sit around thinking of new laws to saddle us with. Makes them look good when they run for re-election.

    On Monday you were asking about legislative activity in Springfield.

    I did some looking and here you go:

    Bills filed in Springfield during the last session (2017 – 2018)

    House bills 5,999

    Senate bills 3,649

    In addition action was taken on 1,356 House Resolutions and 2,223 Senate

    Action was taken on 143 Joint Resolutions.

    During the first year (2017) 380 House Bills passed both houses.

    During the first year (2017) 235 Senate Bills passed both houses.

    This year so far, 323 House bills passed both houses.

    This year so far, 330 Senate bills passed both houses.

    Total bills generated in both houses = 5,999 + 3,649 = 9,648

    Total bills passed both houses = 653 = 6.77 percent.

    The totals are not adjusted due to veto activity.

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