Huntley Police Citations During Enhanced Enforcement

From the Huntley Police Department:

The Huntley Police Department announces distracted driving enforcement results

Huntley, IL – The Huntley Police Department announced it issued the following citations during the April Distracted Driving Campaign.

 Use of Electronic Communication Device 31
 Speeding 2
 Expired Registration 6
 Disregarding a Traffic Control Device 3
 Operating on a Suspended Driver’s License 1
 Unlawful Possession of a Suspended Driver’s License 1
 Improper Display of Registration 1
 Operation of Uninsured Motor Vehicle 1
 Defective Exhaust 1

The Huntley Police Department joined forces with state and local law enforcement and highway safety partners for this enforcement effort.

Using your phone in anything other than handsfree mode in Illinois is not only dangerous, it is illegal.

Break the cycle.

Drop It and Drive.

The Illinois distracted driving campaign is funded with federal traffic safety funds administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation.


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  1. When are they ever going to round up illegal aliens?

    Lazy mopes!

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