IL-16: Catalina Lauf in DC Introduced by Republican Study Committee Chairman

Catalina Lauf

In-studio as part of panel with Candace Owens in Tennessee to DC event featuring Senator Marco Rubio to event this coming Thursday in Baltimore, Lauf gears up for Kinzinger challenge

McHenry County’s Catalina Lauf, Republican candidate in the IL-16 challenging Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R, IL-16) in the March Republican primary, hit the road this past week, plus a new event announced yesterday.

Lauf was part of the panel of the Candace Owens’ broadcast this week, which dropped on The Daily Wire website on Tuesday night. Since Lauf was in-studio, she was in Tennessee for the taping of the show, likely on Monday (it was after Elon Musk’s appearance on Saturday Night Live).

To view the show, the video replay can be accessed here.

Lauf’s next public stop was on Wednesday in the Nation’s Capital, amid the tumult of the early Wednesday morning voice vote to remove Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R, WY At Large) from the House Republican Conference chair position.

At mid-day, Lauf attended the House Republican Study Committee luncheon, and POLITICO‘s Olivia Beavers reported Lauf’s introduction by Committee Chair Jim Banks (R, IN-03), which was a not-so-subtle shot across the bow of Kinzinger:

Marco Rubio

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R, FL) was the guest speaker at Wednesday’s luncheon.

The topic he discussed was covered by the Washington Examiner and can be viewed here.

From the pics online in social media from the event, conservative standouts like Congresswoman Michelle Fischbach (R, MN-07), and Congressmen Madison Cawthorn (R, NC-11) and Byron Donalds (R, FL-19) among others were in attendance for the introduction of Lauf by Chairman Banks.

On Friday morning, congressional candidate Kim Klacik, as president of her Red Renaissance PAC, announced Lauf will be included as part of their public launch in the Baltimore suburbs this coming Thursday night, at the event headlined by keynote speaker Congressman Burgess Owens (R, UT-04).

Should be noted, Owens was backed financially by Lauf’s Defense of Freedom PAC she launched last fall when he successfully flipped UT-04.

It’s unknown if Lauf will be returning to Woodstock this weekend prior to her Baltimore appearance, or if she will continue her tour, combining business travel with political (both private and public appearances) and personal travel, but wherever she goes, Lauf continues to deliver the America First message, and it’s being recognized by the right people.

Scott Presler with Mark Silverman of Port Barrington in Rockford March 16

Lauf’s next scheduled appearances in Illinois are set for the Memorial Day weekend, where she will be featured along with gubernatorial candidate (and fellow McHenry County resident) Gary Rabine (R, Bull Valley) and U.S. Senate candidate Robert Cruz (R, Oak Lawn) at the GOP Jamboree event, headlined by conservative activist Scott Presler on Friday night, May 28.

Presler’s online calendar has him in Rockford the following day, and whether it is an event directly tied to Lauf’s campaign, or separate, one cannot imagine Lauf’s campaign not participating with Presler when he’s in district.

What a way to kick off the summer!


IL-16: Catalina Lauf in DC Introduced by Republican Study Committee Chairman — 10 Comments

  1. C’mon we are sick of her.

    She’s a strange moth attracted to the political limelight.

    Lauf: “Hey everybody look at me! I’m half German, but I wanna be identified as Latina (or LatinX, if you prefer)

    Don’t you dare call me a Mexicana or even a Chicana, ‘cause I’m a half-Guatemalana.

    And I’m pretty tough, too, although I’d never go to Guatemala (way too dirty and oh so peligroso).

    I’m really cute, and I’m kinda conservative.

    Way more conservative than Underwood and that soyboy closetcase Kinzinger.

    And I’m so much easier on your eyes!

    I’m pretty smart, too, well not real smart, but I am above average.

    And my looks are way above average when I dress right and get my hair done.

    Everybody says so!”

  2. Who is Olivia Beavers? Should we know her?

    Nice name tho. xD

    Lol she’s a politico reporter?

    Ok nevermind I don’t respect that.

  3. Republicans mostly frauds.

    No functioning GOP in Illinois.

    Bendover surrender monkeys.

    Like McConchie.

  4. She needs some actual experience.

    She just keeps running for any position open.

    Not sure that’s the best for the party.

  5. Ms. Schenck, just what exactly is “best for the party”?

    Letting Adam Kinzinger go unchallenged?

    If it wasn’t for Catalina Lauf’s presence in the field and her respectable fundraising to-date, the race against Kinzinger would be a joke, given the remaining declared candidates:

    James Marter, I respect him as a Patriot and as a County party chairman but this is his 4th straight Federal race, and has never raised over $76K his previous 3 tries and has never come close to being competitive let alone winning. I admire he self-disclosure even when not required.

    Jack Lombardi? He has no history being involved with the party or helping others, none of his business accomplishments can be verified, and he talks-the-talk on America First, but has yet to show he can walk-the-walk. Paraphrasing Gene Hackman’s character describing someone phony in the 1995 flick The Quick and the Dead, Lombardi comes across like a bladder full of hot air which will become very public if he stays in the race, mainly like another Allen Skillicorn.

    Dr. Di Amore? While her military service to be admired, she’s running on a version of “love” that sounds like it’s from the free speech movement at Cal-Berkeley back in the late 1960s, though given her age, she missed that time by a couple of decades. She’s done nothing to build a viable campaign let alone a winning one, and has yet to file any paperwork with the FEC.

    Lauf, to-date is the only viable alternative to Kinzinger.

  6. “Lauf, to-date is the only viable alternative to Kinzinger.”

    Not a big fan of Lauf, but I’d agree that she’s the most viable alternative to Kinzinger.

    I disagree that she’s the only candidate who could win in a general election if that was John’s intention.

    I agree that she’s the most likely to defeat Kinzinger in a primary though.

  7. By the way, my associate did go to the rally in Schaumburg yesterday or the day before where Chris Kasperski and Jack Lombardi spoke.

    Nobody was arrested for battery this time.

    That’s what happened last time.

    Two guys got arrested.

    One antifa dude and one proud boy.

    The proud boy was supposedly defending a woman who had just gotten knocked over by the antifa, and you can see the woman on the ground in the video and the antifa guy menacing over her with his flagpole.

    The proud boy was a fat Mexican guy, and he ran up and beat the crap out of the white antifa dude.

    Both got arrested and there were like 50 stories about the proud boy getting arrested, none about the antifa guy.

    Go figure.

    That’s because journalists are the enemy of the people.

    Like I said, I don’t support police.

    Police are the enemy of the people too.

    Police will arrest you for defending an elderly woman.

    I don’t support police.

    Police are the only thing standing in between Americans and real justice if you know what I’m saying.

    Anyway, my associate said there were counterprotesters but no fights this weekend.

    He also said he wasn’t impressed by Lombardi.

    I told him he’s not going to be impressed by anybody running…

  8. Shenck and Wylie are both posers and RINOs.

    Catalina Lauf and the new generation of young Republican leaders are the only hope this country has…

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