Woodstock Pride Parade May Be First of the Season

The Woodstock Pride Fest’s parade will be held 11 AM June 13th, two days after Governor JB Pritzker has announced Illinois will be open for business, more or less as normal.

Facebook page announces Woodstock Pride Fest is seeking sponsors.


Woodstock Pride Parade May Be First of the Season — 22 Comments

  1. ………..and they want us to believe this is “normal.”

    Sorry, folks, I still believe in God, Jesus Christ and the Bible.

  2. “Sponsors Wanted”

    “Someone please bankroll our display of degeneracy”

  3. Businesses that bankroll this parade of degeneracy are to be boycotted,
    let none be excluded.

    We must act now to save our traditional family values or suffer the inevitable fall of
    our civilization, society and country as the Left/DEMOCRATS are working tirelessly to achieve.

  4. Everyone’s fears: It will be seedy and debauched, with hardcore gay sex on public display to corrupt your children.

    What it actually will be:

    A gay-themed farmers market.

    The same core group of obnoxious smug progressives will be there to loudly pat themselves on the back.

    See, to be a premier McHenry County progressive, you don’t actually have to do anything that helps the gays, or women, or black people.

    All you have to do is don the appropriate costume, such as a rainbow pin, a Handmaid costume, or a BLM t-shirt, and be seen on the Square.

  5. And don’t forget the “Hate Has No Home Here”. THEN you’re all set!


  6. Who’s going to master of ceremonies, the King Fag of WGN wheather, Tom Skilling, OR

    our local Diva Ding-dingaling, Miss Dan(ielle) Aylward, County Clerk and Drag Queen extraordinaire?

    Look, I say make the co-Grand Marshals, but Aylward in the lead convertible. Ladies First!

  7. Maybe you can get the newly reconstituted Supreme Court to reverse Obergefell v. Hodges.

    All those same sex weddings have ruined the USA.

    Just look at the price of gas and the election of Biden and what’s happened in China.

    Dang gays.

  8. Martin, why are here?

    Are you a MCB masochist who loves to be the butt of anti gay posts?

    Yes, we know you are very special, yes we know you are so very, very chic and very very progressive.

    You own all the right T-shirts and it’s so damn frustrating for you when get up in the morning from your latest interracial fling, because you can’t wear them all and can only wear one at a time.

    But please stop wearing the jeans with encrusted fecal matter.

  9. That was a well-reasoned response.

    You seem quite capable of rebuttal.

  10. LMAO!!!

    nO WAY BRO!

    I may have hugged Sager one time like ten years ago but that was it.

    There was no gay shit there.

    Dan Alyward is on a way different level anyway.

  11. You won’t start any boycott, because that would require you to give up your anonymity.

    You’ll stay slouched over your keyboard impotently dribbling hateful nonsense.

  12. So they won’t back the blue, either?

    Or they won’t back lgbtq blue?

  13. If a black man commits a hate crime against a gay man, do you call the police?

    Trick question.

    Blacks are immune from prosecution under hate crime laws.

  14. Martin, I’m not a zombified, sissified creature like you.

    I will boycott and tell friend to boycott too…. many friends.

    And the sponsor(s) will pay dearly for the affront, I assure you.

    And will very unlikely repeat such an affront in 2022.

  15. I don’t understand, why everyone on here hates gay people?

    Does the New Testament Not clearly state, That Jesus’s favorite thing to do, was molest farm animals?

    Because I’ll tell you what, Jesus H Christ, loved getter him some good old fashioned Calf Pussy.

    Oh Duh, I just answered my own question.

    He liked Calf Pussy, Not calf dick.

    Oh my god, I feel so silly.

    He liked girl calf’s, if they were Boys then he’d be just as muchA Queer as these gosh darn homasecuals.

    Ahea Ahea

  16. Hey Leopard man, I’m Sissified and it’s wonderful.

    hehe My wife and I look sooo cute dressed up together!😈

    It’s weird though, I’ve literally never met another person who knew what being sissified was, except for those who like to be sissified.


    Just admit putting on some lacy Panties with a matching bra makes you feel like such a cutie hehe.

    It’s ok, you can do that with us, we don’t care!

    ome be yourself leopardman.

    I mean come on your name is Leopardman.

    It’s so obvious that it’s because you’ve never felt prettier than you do with your leopard print skirt on.😜

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