Cary Announces Federally-Funded Enhanced Enforcement

From the Cary Police Department:

This Memorial Day, ‘Click It or Ticket’

Cary, Illinois — Starting now through Memorial Day weekend, the Cary Police Department is stepping up enforcement to remind motorists to “Click It or Ticket.”

“We want the act of buckling up to become automatic to all drivers and passengers,” said Deputy Chief Chris Winkelmann.

“’Click It or Ticket’ isn’t about citations – it’s about saving lives. Wearing a seat belt can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45%. Seat belts save lives every day, but they’re only effective if they’re used.”

Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start of summer, a popular time for traveling to visit family and friends. Whether you are traveling down the block or across the country, make sure you buckle up every time.

While Illinois currently has a 94.6% seat belt use compliance rate, unbelted occupants still account for more than half of those killed in motor vehicle crashes.

The simple click of a seat belt could save thousands of lives each year.
The “Click It or Ticket” campaign is administered by the Illinois Department of Transportation with federal
highway safety funds.


Cary Announces Federally-Funded Enhanced Enforcement — 4 Comments

  1. “’Click It or Ticket’ isn’t about citations – it’s about saving lives-” said the Cary Police Dept.

    –than prove it by writing Warnings and being Positive about safety reminders, instead of tickets.

    Which probably tally towards some kind of; Award, Overtime, Prize for who generates the most money from these campaigns.

    With Federal money (Biden Covid Relief fund probably) behind it, these “campaigns” will probably be many.

    Defund the Po-Po if thats all they’re good for—showing up during campaigns to write tickets.

    Start patrolling the neighborhoods, quit hiding in parking lots doing nothing.

    Show your face to the Public, darkened windows on Police cars dont help.

    I generally support the Police, but lately it seems they only are seen AFTER something happens.

    They’re also big on if you do call and report something, they use your name as the reportee, to the person or group “acting up”, making it even worse, basically ratting out good guys.

    Cary especially is big on that, have had a friend there have to move because of their big mouths.

  2. Don’t give them any ideas or they just might reconstitute the “Sobriety Checkpoints” scam – your papers please.

    Yes citizens, the fed will be financing local cops to “enhance” the law ( in the name of safety, of course )
    all while illegal aliens overrun the border thereby becoming a burden on the taxpaying citizenry.
    Wonderful country, ain’t it ?

  3. “federally funded seat belt enforcement”

    This country needs to get hit by an asteroid asap.

  4. Illegal aliens flood into the land destroying our culture and impoverishing us and the Biden misadministration does this?


    We are a stupid bunch of turkeys to sit for this.

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