Local Commentary on Liz Chaney’s Dumping

From Woodstock’s Richard Rostron:

Cheney removal prompts another example of media bias 

At 8:24 a.m. today, an email from the New York Post hit my inbox announcing that Republicans had ousted Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) from her position as Republican House Committee chairwoman.

As the Post explains, the vote was “a rare move that highlights the power that former President Donald Trump still holds in the party.”

It was prompted by her vote to impeach Trump after the Jan. 6 capital riots and comments made since.

But watching the mainstream media, I heard a different perspective on the question of Cheney’s role in Congress. 

According to the mainstream media, which has proven itself virulently anti-Republican in the past, it’s a question of “censorship.”

The Republicans are seeking to “silence Cheney” as punishment for her impeachment vote (never mind that the impeachment was rushed through the House without due consideration and with a president who was about to leave office anyhow).  

In fact, the mainstream media has actually invoked use of the term many of them refuse to acknowledge, describing Republicans as committing an act of “Cancel Culture.” 

What is the point of a leadership role, whether in Congress or in any other organization? Merriam-Webster offers four points in defining leadership: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/leadership.

The first and the last two are mere statements – essentially someone who leads. But the second point cuts to the crux of the issue describing leadership as something that requires a “capacity to lead.” 

What is required for the capacity to lead?

Doesn’t a person need the personal traits, perspectives and confidence of others? 

Cheney has hit the television circuit of the mainstream media recently, as well as speaking from the floor of the House, calling out those who voted for Trump but who have doubts about the validity of the 2020 election.

She has called any suggestion that the outcome was tainted “a lie.” 

In her May 11 speech from the House floor, Cheney said, “Millions of Americans have been misled by the former president, they have heard only his words, but not the truth as he continues to undermine our democratic process …” 

These are words straight out of the Left’s playbook, all the sweeter coming from a Republican in a House leadership position. 

Of course, there’s no truth to the idea that Trump has lied.

No one has proven that the election was stolen but no one has proven otherwise either.

Nothing was done to conclusively put the concerns of Trump voters over numerous irregularities in the election to rest.

But Cheney goes on to claim that Trump is “sowing seeds of doubt about whether democracy really works at all.” 

To dissect her assertion, she is suggesting that the way to gain confidence in the system is to quietly accept the system. If you start asking questions, others may start asking questions, too. That’s an attitude that fits all-too well with a media that is selectively curious.  

Considering the state of the media today, and of the Left’s control of the Democrat Party, the mere fact that she is so warmly embraced by the Left is enough reason to cause serious concerns about whether she has the confidence necessary for the “capacity to lead.” And it has nothing to do with ‘silencing’ Liz Cheney.


Local Commentary on Liz Chaney’s Dumping — 22 Comments

  1. Amen. Well articulated.

    I believe the election was stolen.

    There are unequivocal facts that strongly suggest the election was stolen.

    Facts that center around Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Las Vegas – and those states in particular.

    Liz Cheyney believes that i ONLY have concluded that the election was stolen because Donald Trump has informed me and that I’m too stupid to analyze the data myself.

    It’s easy to do.

    The election of 1960 was stolen, too.

    Everyone now acknowledges historically that Rich Daley cheated in Chicago and he thus turned Illinois from a Nixon to a Kennedy win.

    As a result, Illinois turned the presidential election in 1960..

    Daley didn’t have to stop the counting in the middle of the night to do so, either.

  2. The DOJ has been compromised.

    The FBI has been compromised.

    The Supreme Court has been compromised, thanks to Chief Justice Roberts.
    Various state legislators have been compromised.

    What more needs to be said about proof of a fraudulent election
    and what is in store for future elections now that the DEMOCRATS know that they
    can get away with it without fear of prosecution ?

  3. Homosexual Roberts is another Speaker Hastert and Justice Souter.

    He got his position bc they had stuff on him and would do as told.

  4. Look at Roberts’ biography and and his pictures.

    Yes, that’s our Chief Justice!

  5. False commentary. President Trump LOST the election and his supporters of educated suburban women have left the party.

    Cheney has held onto her biggest financial supporters and many Republicans in Congress.

    To suggest that one of the most respected Conservatives in Washington is now being led by the left is simply more Q speak.

    It belongs in the Q voters manual of conspiracy dialog.

    What is true is that the Republican party has been harmed and is being destroyed from the inside out.

    It won’t be long before the few Republican strongholds in Illinois are also gone forever because our Republican party has been hijacked by the alt-right fanatics covid hoaxers.

    I pray for new leadership both in Washington and in Illinois.

  6. 1960 Presidential Election:

    Illinois votes (27) given to Nixon:

    Nixon – 246 (219+27)
    Kennedy – 276 (303-27)

    Kennedy still wins. ☹️

    Additionally, distribute Texas (24) votes to Nixon too:

    Nixon – 270 (246+24)
    Kennedy – 252 (276-24)

    Nixon wins. Hooray! 🙂

  7. cynthia allen schenk, Your negativity helps no one.

    Cheney’s last diatribe was applauded by the democRATS, not the Republicans.

    You write like a high school sophomore.

    Q voters? How old are you?

    15- 16?

    Time to grow up young lady!

  8. Cynthia Allen Schenk – Do you know anything at all about Q?

    Probably not.

    They are a racial right extremist group ( similar to the left’s Antifa).

    Not all Republicans follow or even know anything about Q.

    Your ignorance to suggest otherwise is despicable.

    If Liz Cheney wanted to be a Democrat, she should have run as one.

    The election WAS comprised.

    To say or think otherwise is ridiculous as your comments.

  9. “one of the most respected Conservatives in Washington”

    Citation needed.

  10. I think Q is gay and I also dislike Liz Cheney.


    The election was stolen by black criminals in corrupt blue cities.

    Let white women vote for Democrats and get what they deserve.

    They want to kill their babies and be sluts so therefore they support abolishing ICE and prisons and they want to abolish fossil fuel. Nice logic, women.

    There is a reason we didn’t allow women to vote for most of our history, and everything has been going to hell since we allowed them to.

    Muslims are right about women.

  11. I just love how those who do not have the courage to use their own names but instead start calling other people names and making disparaging remarks.

    I suspect this is one person using all the phony names.

    Uneducated, a lack of civility and just downright ignorant of all things let alone Politics.

    Defame women, gays, and anyone not fully engulfed in Conspiracy theory and Q. Covid hoaxers and Anti Maskers will be the end of the Republican Party as we know it.

    We saw what you all looked like on January 6th and the ugly image of America.

  12. There were great women in history, such as:

    The Virgin Mary

    Mother Teresa

    Margaret Thatcher

    Madam Curie

    Florence Nightingale

    Amelia Earhart

    Joan of Arc

    There have been and are many of millions of women who have worked very hard, tirelessly, in the medical nursing profession to help the sick.

    There have been hundreds of millions of women, who as mothers, nurtured, guided, loved their children who then went on to become Lawful and productive citizens throughout their lives.

    Unfortunately, there are a tiny minority of women who gain power and become scoundrels, evil and wretched. Examples include Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Liz Cheney, Democrat Reps named The Squad, Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde, Ma Barker, etc.

  13. cynthia allen schenk, I’m not afraid to use my own name.

    And I’m not wasting my time making disparaging comments.

    But the fact stands – you said my commentary was “False.”

    Prove it.

    Prove the irregularities didn’t constitute cause for concern about the validity of the election.

    As I wrote in the article, I can’t prove the election was stolen but Liz can’t prove that it wasn’t, and neither can you.

  14. She is such a RINO ! and Dense its not the words lady its the actions!

    we have seen Action of things being DONE! doh…

    geezus what a blowhard, now we have to listen to mo blahblahblah…

    from another Rino…


    out the door…

    next election run IT will be under BLUE as she moves off to snowflake land as i’m sure WY don’t want this sorry RINO anymore..

  15. cynthia allen schenk, or Schenk, CA, or CA Schenk, has been blocked by many posters on FB and Commenters . . .so folks, put little into what she says, but do take her seriously.

    She will go on and on and on to argue, if given a chance.

  16. And Bred Winner must be 85 years old and still reading the Encyclopedia Britannica from the 1940’s.

  17. Cynthia, you need some psychological help.

    Schizophrenia can be treated!

  18. Bred, Ma Barker wasn’t really that bad.

    Ma would know just what to do with evil FBI creeps like Comey and


    Cynthia Allen Skank.

  19. Cynthia – you made a statement, were asked to provide a citation for your statement, and we are still waiting.

    You can deflect and attack others all you want, but please give us the citation backing up your wild statement that Liz Cheney is a well respected conservative.

  20. “ Covid hoaxers and Anti Maskers will be the end of the Republican Party as we know it.“

    Explain why people are fleeing blue states for Florida and Texas, the first two states to drop mask mandates.

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