Algonquin Township Swearing In…”So Help Me God”

The new members of the Algonquin Township Board were sworn in today and, unlike last Thursday’s Nunda Township ceremony, nobody wore a mask.

First up at 10 AM was new Supervisor Randy Funk.

Randy Funk being sworn in as Algonquin Township Supervisor.

I learned that Funk has been the insurance agent for Algonquin Township for the last fifteen years when he told me one of his first acts would be to resign that post and select a replacement.

When Funk read the Oath of Office, I noticed it was different from the one administered in Nunda Township.

Funk ended his statement, “So help me God.”

When I looked at the document he was to sign, it did not contain those words.

So, I guess God has been excised from the taking of office, as well as from public schools.

At 11:30, the rest of the Township Board took office:

  • Teresa Sharpe Decker
  • Therese Fronczak
  • Millie Medendorp
  • Edward J. Zimel Jr.
From left to right are Therese Fronczak, Teresa Sharpe Decker, Edward J. Zimel, Jr., and Millie Medendorp.

Again, there was hardly a mask in sight, except for one immunocompromised person.

The new Algonquin Township officials posed in front of the Township’s electronic sign, which read, “Congratulations to our new township officials.”

From left to right are Trustees Millie Medendorp, Therese Fronczak, Assessor Richard Alexander, Trustee Teresa Sharpe Decker, Clerk Maureen Huff, Highway Commissioner Danijela Sandberg and

Funk bought pizza for those attending.

It was served in the room where Township meetings are held.


Algonquin Township Swearing In…”So Help Me God” — 8 Comments

  1. so great to see a group of people who refuse to be sheep


  2. Congrats to the newcomers and congrats to Algonquin Township residents.

    Mr. Funk should not be the one choosing an insurance agent replacement.

    That is still a conflict of interest IMO.

  3. Hopefully these folks can turn around the dumpster fire that is Algonquin Township.

    What a pity that local Boss Hogg stand-in Dave McSweeney wasn’t there; he could have at least taken ownership of the disasters caused by his hand-picked Township Highway Commissioner, Andrew Gasser…

  4. Robert Williams is a township employee and Millerite.

    Go home little Sheba.

  5. I own an IT firm and I believe in small, decentralized, controllable government.

    Not bloated, untouchable, monolithic big government, like the old Jack Franks Empire.

    LeopardMan, of course, is clearly a Jack Franks worshipper.

    Can’t change your spots, can you, Franks-boy?

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