Andrew Gasser’s Thoughts As He Leaves Office

Outgoing Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Andrew Gasser took to social media yesterday as he left office. Below is the post captured from the Algonquin Township Highway Department page:

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I just wanted to write a quick note and say thank you for the opportunity to serve you over the past four years as your highway commissioner, It hasn’t been easy and I fully admit some things could have gone better and take responsibility for those decisions. We have documented these things and passed on these lessons learned to incoming Algonquin Township Highway Commissioner Danijela Sandberg.

We did so many great things together. This photograph captures just one of the many great moments and memories we did together. This is a Fox River Grove Fire Department Tanker Truck crossing a bridge that fell into disrepair. Fire trucks had not been able to cross the bridge in years due to weight restrictions. The joy on my face is dwarfed in comparison by the joy of the residents who lived on the other side of this bridge.

We fixed many of the difficult problems together – especially drainage issues that had been around awhile.

It is said that whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble. I failed at this. Please don’t follow my example and learn just to hold it back, turn the other cheek, and carry on.

I pray all of you the very best and pray you and your families are prosperous moving forward.

Be Blessed Always,

The honorably retired Air Force Captain Gasser and Bob Miller had a contentious campaign. Gasser pointed out out questionable spending such as women’s clothing and Disneyland tickets that were purchased on the township credit card. Miller called into question Gasser’s lack of experience. A leaked video the Friday before the 2017 cost Miller the election. In it was Miller’s son-in-law Derek Lee recklessly discharging a firearm into a car. The Chicago Tribune reported the shock upset this way.

A legal battle with the International Union Of Operating Engineers Local 150 quickly. He maintained his campaign pledge to end nepotism that reigned underneath Bob Miller.

According to Gasser Miller was making over $117,000 annually in salary and benefits. He then hired his wife and county board member Anna May Miller who allegedly was earning $96,000 in salary and benefits as an office assistant. She concurrently sat on the McHenry County Board earning $24,000 annually and was the chairwoman of the Transportation Committee. Derek Lee, Miller’s first son-in-law (a foreman), was making almost $91,000 annually in 2017 and Andrew Rosencrans was making almost $92,000 annually – both numbers include salary and benefits.

Gasser fired Lee, Rosencrans, and former McHenry County Democrat County Board Member Nick Chirikos within minutes of assuming office. Gasser was ordered to take back both Lee and Rosencrans after lengthy court cases. Lee is now a foreman with the township. Rosencrans came back to the township but quit after collecting his settlement.

Nick Chirikos, who Gasser defeated in a heated contest for county board in 2014, withdrew his grievance and did not come back to work. At the time of this writing it is believed that Chirikos was hired after Miller lost the election in 2017.

Ultimately, Gasser lost all but one case and costing taxpayers over $800,000 in legal fees and over $280,000 in back pay.

The four years of Gasser’s leadership is filled with both successes and failures. He failed to get along with the township board, township attorney, and clerk. Gasser’s biggest contention was with the outgoing clerk Karen Lukasik. He believes that the outgoing clerk withheld emails and other documents from him when he assumed office.

Algonquin Township continues to have an open FOIA case.

No photo description available.

Gasser cut the road district’s levy by $452,827 over four years or 10.02 percent. Two bridges were replaced, over five miles of roads were resurfaced, and Gasser claims to have modernized the truck fleet.

Before Gasser ran for highway commissioner he was elected to the McHenry County Board where he served three of his four years. Gasser receives a military pension but never received health or pension benefits from either the county or the township. Gasser was the only county board member (out of 24) to question health and pension benefits for sitting county board members in 2015.


Andrew Gasser’s Thoughts As He Leaves Office — 8 Comments

  1. Gasser had a truck dropped on him by Bob Miller when Miller helped form a union to protect his own family members who he had employed.

    Once this is done there is no way out of it under the labor laws.

    Gasser delayed the inevitble until he could finish out his term, but it cost the taxpayers about One Million Dollars in legal fees.

    So the onus on this should really be placed on Miller.

    That said, Gasser was not remotely qualified for the job, although he does appear to have learned from it.

    This is yet another reason why the county should take over the township road districts.

    McDOT has a professional staff and is headed up by an appointed Director who answers to the county board and county administrator.

    Furthermore, there are anti nepotism rules at the county.

    In contrast, the township road commissioner is elected by a tiny number of voters and may or may not be qualified, and answers to no one and is unconstrained by any ethics rules.

  2. BecauseScience I agree with most of what you said especially the costs and issues should be on Millers’ back.

    The corruption in McHenry County is staggering.

    There is no way Andrew could have ever been prepared to tackle this.

    I went through similar harassment problems, not to this extent by a long shot but, if you try and change long-standing spending without any oversight in many small towns, right here in McHenry County you are in for a long fight.

    I consider Andrew a friend and I respect him and his efforts.

    The deep-seated flow of money to long-time families either through township or high paying government positions in the county including the ROE office makes Madigan look like an upstanding guy.

  3. I’m more concerned of the environmental impact, of this whole leaving the Miller Clan out on the streets thing.

  4. Andrew Gasser – you had the audacity to run and win.

    I will never forget you coming to my door on a snowy January day asking for my vote.

    You told me you would build the bridge in Venetian Gardens and get my road resurfaced.

    I laughed at you and said if Miller couldn’t do it no one could.

    Four years later we have a new bridge and resurfaced roads.

    The water problem that has plagued our neighborhood has been fixed.

    Our board despises you for whatever reason but just know those of us on the island and in the neighborhood will always respect what you did.

    Good luck wherever you end up.

    You fixed the the bridge.

  5. There is no way to adequately thank Mr. Gasser for all he endured, all that he accomplished, or the future culture of the township ahead.

    I will always wish you the blessings you deserve and remember you fondly.

    It’s very rare to witness someone fight the good fight as you did.

    May your days ahead be filled with peace and gratitude.

    You earned it.

    Be Blessed!

  6. As any rational person would, he left Illinois.

    The GOP here is totally USELESS!

  7. Andrew Gasser should be very glad that Bob Miller exists, because otherwise Gasser would be the worst Highway Commissioner in McHenry County history instead of Miller.

    So, you know.

    Shut up and leave already…

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