Masked Nunda Township Trustees Sworn into Office

Outgoing Township Board, from left to right, Trustees Tim Parrish, Karen Tinis, Rob Parrish, Attorney Scott Puma, Supervisor Leda Bobera-Drain, Clerk Joni Smith and Trustee Justin Franzke.

Last Thursday night, Nunda Township’s recently elected and re-elected Township Trustees were sworn into office.

Tim Parrish being sworn into office by Clerk Joni Smith.

Re-elected were brothers Tim and Rob Parrish and Karen Tinis.

Joanna Donahue being sworn in by Joni Smith.

Replacing appointed Justin Franzke was Johanna Donahue.

Rob Parrish being sworn in.
Karen Tinis being sworn in.

In addition Deputy Clerk Courtney Sessler was administered her oath of office.

Deputy Township Clerk Courtney Sessler was sworn in by her new boss Nunda Township Clerk Joni Smith.

The only candidates who ran for office in Nunda Township were Republicans.

That meant the February GOP Primary Election decided who would be Nunda Township elected officials for the next four years.

The Township Trustee contest was hotly contested between a slate aligned with the Parrish brothers and the faction in control of the Township Board for the last four years.

The ruling coalition on the Nunda Township Board for the next found years consists of (from right to left) Tim Parrish, Rob Parrish and Johanna Donahue.

Here are the Trustee election results:

The only other contested office was Highway Commissioner.

Incumbent Mike Lesperance was challenged by Eric Dowd.

Dowd lost 53% to 47%.


Masked Nunda Township Trustees Sworn into Office — 7 Comments

  1. Svelte Courtney will have to start hitting the Public Sector Training Table, if she wants to fit in with the rest of the herd.

  2. Sorry to be the one to call you all Sheep

    why do you have your picture taken wearing a mask

    go home and hide in your closets

    Baa baaa

  3. Morons wearing masks?

    Looks like your township is in BIG trouble.

    You just swore in brain-dead zombies!

  4. Cindy, I disagree with you (and only do so in a blue moon).

    They aren’t zombies or brain dead. They figured out a cunning way to have parasitize off of us working people.

    We are the dopes.

  5. well Cindy wylie ……

    I think we are all correct here..

    must be due to planetary alignment plus a blue moon

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