Opposition to Marengo Slaughter House Sought at County Board Meeting

From Slaughter Free Chicago, opponents of a slaughter house in Marengo:

We need people to show up Tuesday night to speak against a new slaughterhouse in Marengo

What happened to all the jobs that the interchange would bring?

No jobs only lots of Truck traffic. 

We need to raise 15K to stop a new slaughterhouse in the Chicago area, known as Community Farm. 

A generous donor has offered to match all donations dollar for dollar, which means we only need to raise $7,500!

Community Farm will slaughter, without stunning, fully conscious chickens, turkeys, ducks, rabbits, goats, sheep and cows and could have a significant impact on water and air quality, truck and car traffic (and therefore road maintenance), property values, public health and safety, noise and odor.

The funds raised will cover the legal action against the slaughterhouse, which we believe was improperly approved by McHenry County officials and in violation of county statutes.

If we are successful, this case could create an important precedent, not just for Slaughter Free Cities, but for the animal and environmental protection movement as a whole.

10% of what we raise will go to Georgia’s Place Bird Sanctuary, located about 14 miles from Community Farm.

Please make a contribution, great or small.

We very much appreciate your support and send our heartfelt thanks in advance.

In solidarity,The Slaughter Free Chicago Team.


Opposition to Marengo Slaughter House Sought at County Board Meeting — 12 Comments

  1. I wonder if this group has any idea where food comes from.

    Unfortunately they don’t care about getting cheaper sources of protein into the food chain for all.

    Please don’t send them a dime!

  2. Where is this topic on the agenda of the County Board Meeting?

  3. Will our new slaughterhouse sell fresh, local meat?

    Will it process deer and other game for hunters?

    Very excited for our new neighbor.

  4. Another Chicago group telling people outside Chicago to do what they want!

    Just like all the energy it takes to run a city but please only use solar or wind in rural America because those are so pleasant to look at!

    And they talk about smell, what a joke!

    Drive in rural America and guess what it smells of fresh country air!

    I hope they waste their money!

    Send them your hard earned dollars!


  5. Holy crap we have some vegan activism, Roar for AJ protesting against Acosta, the commies and illegal aliens opposing ICE, and GOP supporting ICE.

    This meeting is gonna be lit!

  6. It’s one thing if it’s done humanely but it doesn’t sound like that is being done. Sign the petition…..

  7. Hey Chicago suc..first of all stop hiding behind a fake name, second I live in Marengo, let’s make sure we place this disgusting thing next to your house and anybody else who thinks this is O.K…

    Yeah, I didn’t think so……and we already have 2 slaughterhouses.

    If any of you who think it’s O.K. well you have not bothered to look into what this kind of business brings..CRIME, LOW WAGES, ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS, REDUCED PROPERTY VALUES, ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS,

    The problem in McHenry County is the blatant ignorance of so many.

    Is it any surprise that our county Board members for district 5 will have financial gain from this disgusting thing.

    Oh yeah,,y’all forgot about that part.

    What are you guys BOB MILLER relatives?

    What a bunch of cowards’ will be at the meeting,by all means come and tell me I should live next door to this horror so county board members thrive financially.

  8. Schenk is a pig, that’s why she shoes away from slaughterhouses

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