Republican Party Alert Concerning Tuesday Night County Board Meeting

This is the first time I have seen something like this:

Republican Party Alert

This is important!

How many people can you get to the county board meeting on Tues night May 18, 6:30 pm (preferably in red t-shirts).

There is a small group of activists that want the county to cancel our contract with I.C.E. and let convicted criminals in detention out on the streets on their own recognizance!!!!

This is insanity! Our facility was built for the purpose of housing convicted illegal criminals awaiting deportation. If this contract goes away, the feds will just house them elsewhere in ICE detention centers and those counties will be paid and our taxes would go up! County Admin Bldg, 667 Ware Rd, Woodstock IL (upstairs).

Support Our rule of law, I.C.E. and Back the Blue!Make a public comment or if not comfortable with that PLEASE SHOW UP and WEAR a RED SHIRT if possible.

Also you’re only required to give your name-not your address! 

We’ll meet at Niko’s Red Mill afterwards! PLEASE COME! Wear red. Stand with the rule of law and defeat this-or this will be only the beginning!

Directly From Sheriff Bill Prim:

As of the last ice accounting (August 2020) 73% of the detainees had prior criminal convictions.

Some prior convictions include

  • murder
  • sexual assault
  • Robbery
  • Drug related offenses and
  • kidnapping


Republican Party Alert Concerning Tuesday Night County Board Meeting — 4 Comments

  1. An April 28, 2021 in a Daily Herald article covered the ICE issue WITH A PICTURE of two McHenry County Board Members holding signs asking for the cancellation of the ICE contract on a city street in McHenry Illinois.

    Question: Should these two Board Members RECUSE themselves from the vote on the Resolution tonight? Should the County Board Chairman ask these two Members to recuse themselves?

    Below are the words from beneath the photo in the Daily Herald:

    “McHenry County Board members Michael Vijuk, left, and Paula Yensen, right, along with Pam Shearman hold signs in favor of canceling the county’s contract with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement during a rally at the intersection of Front and West Elm streets on April 24, in McHenry. Matthew Apgar/Shaw Media”

  2. The motion to cancel the ICE contract failed on a party line vote: 15-8.

    The next motion passed 23-0.

    I believe Skala is absent.

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