Grace Kintzler Video, Parade & Ticket Information

Lakewood resident and American Idol contestant Grace Kintzler will be honored with a parade in Downtown Crystal Lake this afternoon.

Parking begins at 1 pm in marked public lots, parade planned between 4-5:30 pm, however, Crystal Lake Police Chief James Black says it may start at 3:30.

A concert at RedTail Golf Course tonight starting about 6.

Details about the concert follow:

Where: RedTail Golf Club, 7900 Redtail Dr., Village of Lakewood

When: Parking begins at 3:30 pm, filming expected to begin about 6 pm (subject to change) Rain or Shine

TicketsTickets go on sale at 5pm, May 17th

Regular tickets are $5 per person (seating will be in ‘pods’ of 6 each)

Pod assignments are first come, first serve

VIP pods (limited availability) are $300 per pod

VIP Pods Include:

  • 1 VIP Pod (located in the first few rows), includes 6 tickets for entrance.
  • 2 VIP parking spaces
  • 6 T-Shirts supporting Grace
  • 6 RedTail food vouchers

Food & Drinks: RedTail: Brats, Hot Dogs, & Beverages

Food Trucks: Que Pasta, Olive Branch, Tacos Locos, Smoking Bar B Que, Your Sister’s Tomato

T-shirts On Sale for $10/each 

Additional Information: This event is to support our hometown idol, Grace; therefore this event is nonprofit and all proceeds of the event will be used to cover the cost of the event. 

  • Admission by ticket only, no exceptions. Tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable
  • Masks Required
  • No Smoking
  • No bags, coolers, alcohol will be allowed
  • Lawn Chairs will be allowed

Parking Information:

Enter on RedTail Dr (it will be one way toward the golf course); follow the signs for appropriate parking locations.

Buy Regular Ticket

Buy VIP Pod


Grace Kintzler Video, Parade & Ticket Information — 8 Comments

  1. you think this was a George Floyd celebration?

    glad no one works so they can all go to this… non- event

  2. Masks required – LOL !

    Only for the brain washed fear porn believing morons.

    The rest of us will choose to do something more useful with our time and money.

  3. A parade?

    For an amateur contest?

    Congratulations to the lady on her Idol success, but isn’t a parade about this a little, or a lot, over the top?

  4. Did she win or what?

    Sure, she seems nice.

    Hour and a half parade?

    Is that Lionel Richie?

    He should be in jail!

  5. These types of parades have been done for the final 3 Idol contestants for the almost 20 years the show has been going on.

  6. Don’t even bother trying to explain things to bred winner.

    It’s beyond his comprehension that someone who makes it to the top 3 in a nationwide contest, in a show that’s been going on for decades, and for someone who could potentially get a record deal would be celebrated by the community she lives in.

    This is someone who thought Acosta and Vijuk should recuse themselves for holding cancel the ICE signs as if they weren’t the authors of cancelling the ICE contract in the first place, as if politicians have no political opinions, as if politicians never say how they are going to vote on something before said issue is voted on

    He’s just not a bright person.

  7. Ms Trumpion, why do you say “Lionel Richie should be in jail?????”

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