Crystal Lake Gives Big Greeting to American Idol Finalist Grace Kinstler

People started lining up before 3:30 for the parade in honor of Lakewood resident Grace Kinstler.

Unbeknownst to me, Kinstler first appeared at her high school. Crystal Lake Central, for a mini-concert with the school’s choir.

Then, close to six, a yellow convertible zipped up Walkup Avenue.

Grace Kinstler about to cross Crystal Lake Avenue.

The car was driven so fast that I only got two shots off and only the one above captured her face.

Then she was gone.

When the small caravan reached Williams Street, it slowed considerable.

Approaching the Raue Center.

Police shooed people off to the side of the street so the cars could get through.

Welcome Home, Grace Kinstler, American Idol ’21

After quite a long wait, the star walked down the sidewalk to the south of the Raue Center.

Grace Kinstler approaching the Raue stage.

As the minutes ticked by after six o’clock and I realized I had to leave to attend the McHenry County Board meeting in Woodstock, Kinstler wave at the crowd.

Grace Kinstler waved at the crowd.

Grace was given flowers and formally introduced.

A Raue Center woman introduced Grace Kinstler.

After that I headed to my car.


Crystal Lake Gives Big Greeting to American Idol Finalist Grace Kinstler — 5 Comments

  1. Congratulations to the lady for being in the final three.

    But, why a this time?

    If she wins, then a celebration in her home town would be proper.

  2. Probably part of building of excitement toward the final shows, plus footage for use in the show, win or lose.


  3. You must not watch American Idol.

    They do this for all the finalists in their home towns.

  4. There have been some American Idol contestants who did not win but became bigger stars than the winners of those respective seasons, so regardless of what happens in the final episode I think some fame and fortune will come her way.

    Being in the top three of any competition is a big deal.

  5. American Idol, like all tv, is pure trash. Look who all the TV programming execs are…. homosexuals, atheistic jews, libtard creeps….. no wonder the culture is mulched.

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