Pritzker Hints He Will Not Run for Re-Election

A Friend of McHenry County Blog found this story last night on WLS-TV:

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker hints he may not seek reelection to 2nd term

By Craig Wall

Thursday, June 3, 2021 7:45PM

Part of the article follows:

“You know, again, I haven’t talked to my family completely about this and I need to spend time with them had to have that conversation. So I’ll get back to you shortly. I promise,” Pritzker said…

“Well, I, you know, again, it’s a long decision process. This is a hard job. You know it takes you away from your family quite a lot. That is part of the job that I haven’t enjoyed is being away from my kids and my wife,” Pritzker said…

Having lost both parents at a young age, not having time to spend with his children might weigh on Pritzker. And as a billionaire, he doesn’t need the job.


Pritzker Hints He Will Not Run for Re-Election — 11 Comments

  1. Fatty loves the new found power more than money, and his family seemed to be fine without him, darting off to their many homes across the Country while he locked up the rest of us.

    Its a rouse, a sympathy play, Jelly Belly loves the “Oz has spoken” power more than anything.

    God help anyone who runs against him, his money, TV time,commercials, mailings, G2 on others would be overwhelming===even though, he’s probably the single most hated man in Illinois now that Madigan is out. Amazing being that big he hasnt had health problems.

  2. Pritzker said:

    “This is a hard job. You know it takes you away from your family quite a lot.”

    Good reason for him to resign. Just like numerous politicians in the U.S. have done over the decades, and on the way out say, “I need to spend more time with my family”.

  3. He is DEFINITELY going to run again.

    For the first time in his useless, 14,000 calorie/day life he’s feted and showered with attention.

    He had this before, but denigrated it.

    “People only paid attention to me before because I was rich and bought their accolades.”

  4. The GOP will put up another RINO loser, probably funded by Pritzk through 3rd parties.

  5. Could JumBo be afraid of a self made man named Gary Rabine?

    Has JB ever really ‘worked’ a day in his luxurious padded toilet seat life?

  6. He did say he and his obese progeny did work on their equestrian estate, errr farm.

    Don’t be foolish people.

    Illinois lost net 82,000 people last year.


    At least 75% of those have to be Republicans.

    Jabba would win if he runs.

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