Sunday Funnies: More from Brian Dianis’ Twitter Timeline of 2020

Brian Dianis

“Thank you [Adam Schiff] for your professionalism throughout this process [Impeachment trial] and fighting for our constitution [as a House Impeachment Manager].” — Brian Dianis tweet, 1/30/20

From the desk of John Lopez: It’s Sunday morning, and as a kid growing up in both California and Texas, one of the highlights of Sundays was when my parents would take the Sunday newspaper, take out the colorful comics section, and hand them over to my brother and me to read the best of Peanuts, Doonesbury and many other Sunday morning staples back in day with no internet or Cable TV.

As McHenry County Blog counts the days when Algonquin Village Trustee designate Brian Dianis will be appointed and sworn-in to the Algonquin Village Board this Tuesday night, presumably after the 5 trustees positively vote their advice & consent of Village President Debby Sosine’s appointment, the due diligence continues of Dianis’ robust Twitter timeline that was built after he left the Village Board in 2017 to inform the community about their soon-to-be elected official by appointment.

Many of Dianis’ tweets have been covered since Friday, including yesterday’s revelation of Dianis’ active participation, including financially, in national Democratic politics not only to help defeat President Donald Trump, but to also help flip the United States Senate to Democratic control as part of the disgusting and despicable Lincoln Project, which Dianis claims to have supported financially in May of 2020.

Scanning some of Dianis’ other tweets and recalling days of yesteryear of the Sunday funnies, I can think of no better way to describe the collection, including the above quote Dianis tweeted in January 30, 2020, about Congressman Adam Schiff (D, CA-28), full context below:

Tweet accessed 6/4/21

Easy stomach, I don’t know if I should laugh, or let my stomach run it’s course, but I had good fortune to post this on an empty stomach, so no mess to clean up.

One of Dianis’ first retweets of 2020 had to do with the Democratic primary in the Illinois 3rd Congressional District, where then Congressman Dan Lipinski was being challenged in the primary in a rematch with Marie Newman.

Here’s what Dianis retweeted on January 2, 2020, and one knows whom Dianis favored in that race:

Tweet accessed 6/4/21

So now we have a better understanding of Dianis’ position on right-to-life.

Now let’s continue the Sunday funnies and see how Dianis feels about Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker, from April 5, 2020:

Tweet accessed 6/4/21
JB Pritzker

So on April 5 of last year, Dianis publicly thanked Governor Pritzker for “fighting for Illinois”.

OK, it was 4/5/20, and given all that happened since then, including Algonquin based businesses going to court to stop the state lockdown that have driven local businesses out of businesses, many permanently, it would be interesting to know how Dianis feels about the governor now.

And given Governor Pritzker just signed a partisan Illinois legislative remap into law (along with a first-in-60-years remap of the Illinois Supreme Court), one may wonder how Dianis feels about the governor reneging this promise to veto such a partisan-map in the 2018 campaign, back when Dianis donated money to then Congressman Beto O’Rourke (D, TX-16) during O’Rourke’s campaign against U.S. Senator Ted Cruz.

And speaking of the remap, Dianis currently lives in the 66th Representative District / 33rd Legislative District. The remap moves Dianis into the 52nd Representative District / 26th Legislative District represented by freshman Representative Marty McLaughlin (R, Barrington Hills) and Senate Minority Leader Dan McConchie (R, Hawthorn Woods).

There are some in local Republican circles who believe the 56 year old Dianis might be in the mix for running for office in 2022, possibly as a challenge to either McLaughlin or McConchie (and remember, Mettawa Village President Casey Urlacher was drawn out of the 26th District with the remap).

Being an appointed village trustee who’s been elected 3 times to the Village Board (and losing twice — 2003, 2017) could be a boost to a 2022 candidacy.

This tweet in mid April of 2020 reveals more:

Tweet reply accessed 6/4/21

So, Dianis calls a line-up of guests consisting of two United States Senators, two prominent Members of the U.S. House of Representatives, the White House press secretary and the former Attorney General from the state of Florida “…scrape the bottom of the barrel…”

And Dianis is about to represent the 30,000+ residents of the village of Algonquin with that kind of attitude of some of our nation’s leaders?

But the reference to One World Together about the World Health Organization (WHO) and “collective ability”??? That sounds like globalism, especially with behind China, many hold the WHO at fault for the deaths caused by COVID-19.

The last tweet shared this morning confirms something the January 2 retweet did, and the context is the Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) in October of last year:

So Dianis thanked U.S. Senator Chris Murphy (D, CT) who described ACB as “radical”.

Fortunately, the rest is history and ACB was confirmed the next day, on October 27 and is on the United States Supreme Court.

McHenry County Blog hopes this due diligence to shine the light of truth on Brian Dianis’ activities since being voted-off the Algonquin Village Board in 2017 brings value to local residents, particularly the residents of the village of Algonquin.

McHenry County Blog believes in full context, which is exactly how Dianis has been treated with fairness and objectivity, using his own record through social media and through research at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) to show the community whom Dianis is, politically.

The special meeting for Dianis’ appointment is scheduled for Tuesday night at the Ganek Municipal Complex in Algonquin at 7:25PM CDT.

UPDATE: Brian Dianis has locked out his Twitter account on Saturday, but a little too late, as McHenry County Blog has screenshots, and more than previously shared. May Dianis man up and address these disturbing tweets and other activities he’s said and done in social media before taking oath of office on Tuesday.


Sunday Funnies: More from Brian Dianis’ Twitter Timeline of 2020 — 18 Comments

  1. Congratulating Adam Schiff?

    Adam has zero credibility.

    He was seen on mostly left wing cable news shows for months, years promoting the Democrats’ false claim of Russia Collusion by Donald Trump.

    Turns out the Russian Collusion was by the Hillary Clinton campaign which authorized the phony “Trump Dosier” that was then created by one or more Russians and a former British spy agent.

  2. A CNN Fredo loving F is the take I get from this goof.


    Dude are you actually a real person?

    Trump said it best last night, get phony Dems out at EVERY LEVEL.

    Have fun Algonquin residents—Section 8, “affordable” housing coming your way big time and the crime and poverty and drug sales that ALWAYS come with it when you get people like Diannis in office they love that kind of stuff.

    He’s like something out of a CNN talking point–made up entirely by Jeff Zucker, FAKE NEWS.

    Praising Pritzker?

    Lincoln (NAMBLA) Project?

    Who exactly in Algonquin is for this guy–please identify yourself and share points this Blog may have missed about him.

  3. Dianis is a terminal TDS patient and like all afflicted with TDS Big Don will live
    rent free in his head until death and quite possibly beyond.

    When out and about Dianis will be easy to identify by the shit eating grin on his face
    which is very much like that of Dirt Bag Durbin and so many of the other deranged DEMOCRATS.

    Perhaps Brian and Joe “The Blowhard” Walsh will get together and become a radio talk show team.
    Wouldn’t that be entertaining !

  4. OK. Found the 7:25 Meeting agenda. It is:

    They are ONLY allowing 5 minutes for this meeting. How does the Village Board get advice and consent from Board Members in less than 5 minutes? Doesn’t the matter at hand require discussion? Would think that Citizens of Algonquin at this meeting want to hear from each Board Member on their thoughts.

  5. Dianis is like a large, foul turd suddenly observed from under lemon slices in a large punch bowl at a Board of Education retirement party.

    He surfaced and everybody went “Ugh!!! No!!!! I just drank some of that kool aid!,,,”

    This loser is a Casten wet dream who wants to pervert society into his own Orwellian vision of transgendered creeps teaching kindergarten in drag with hard core porn tapes for the children’s sex ed.

  6. I’m betting no one shows up at the ratification meeting to object.

  7. The meeting is this TUESDAY June 8th @ 7:25 pm.

    The location is 2200 Harnish Drive, Algonquin.

    Algonquin is a pretty large village.

    You don’t think there are any people in Algonquin who would object?

    You could use his tweets against him and you could use him locking his Twitter against him.

    @bred winner, if it’s on the agenda it means they want to approve.

    They have already done the advice part behind the scenes.

    How do you think he got nominated in the first place?

    They have it at 5 minutes because they intend on approving him.

    The only reason it would take longer than that is if people came in and spoke (and they’d probably still approve him, but people could try to make a stink anyway). T

    hey have a section for public participation.

    They probably don’t expect anybody to show up just like Cal said.

  8. This idiot is illustrative of all our bought out politicians whom Trump dared to try to shut down.

    He’s too uneducated and unintelligent to be anything but a liberal.

    The problem isn’t him being idiotic, it’s his desire to inflict his idiocy on everyone around him.

    The People could stop this but likely no one will step up to try which confirms to every moron wanting to inflict themselves on their neighbors no one will even attempt to stop them.

    Whose fault is today’s state of affairs?

    The locust politicians or The People who have capitulated their power to them?

    The Citizen is to blame.

    Show up to stop these empty headed boobs or get the leadership you absolutely deserve.

    Every single time….

  9. Does Dianis host weekend barbecues for hungry BLM folks on weekends?

    Does he invite homeless to live with him till they find housing?

  10. Bred Winner, I think Cal is right, how long does it take to vote on and advise and consent when they already had 15 days and probably already have followed the queen bee to the hive.

    Brian Dianus is probably already anointed and blessed and it is just a matter of a quick vote and a photo op for Obama and Shifty Schiff?

    Where is Ted Spella when you need him??

    The place hasn’t been the same since he passed, rest his soul.

  11. Not very smart to ONLY allow 5 minutes to HEAR from citizens of Algonquin AND then get the “advice” from the Board Members. Per agenda:

    5.AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION(Persons wishing to address the Board must register with the Village Clerk prior to call to order.)

    6.APPOINT BRIAN DIANIS TO VILLAGE TRUSTEE FOR THE TERM ENDING APRIL 30, 2023(All Appointments Require the Advice and Consent of the Village Board.)

    Presumably there are a number of caring and thoughtful Algonquin citizens (20-30?) who will register with the Village Clerk to give their opinions on the matter in the agenda and will be given at least one minute each to speak.

  12. Shove that obammiecare up your you know what most people can’t even afford it its holding people over a fire pay or else!!!

    who do you think you are forcing people onto programs they cannot afford who?

    are you kidding?

    not most of us…

  13. Which document was Dianis referring to when writing that Schiff was defending the constitution? Must be talking about the constitution of the CCP.

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