Employee-Friendly Hours Set for McHenry Coronavirus Vaccination Site

From the McHenry County Health Department:

McHenry mass vaccination site operation shifts to Curative beginning June 8

McHENRY COUNTY — The McHenry County Department of Health (MCDH) is proud to announce that it has partnered with Curative, a COVID-19 healthcare service, which will begin to oversee the operations of the McHenry COVID-19 mass vaccination site beginning Tuesday, June 8.

The McHenry vaccination site, located at 1900 N. Richmond Road in McHenry, will operate from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.

Vaccinations are free, but those with medical insurance will be asked to provide information when scheduling an appointment.

Persons without insurance will not be denied their vaccination.

Walk-in vaccinations at the McHenry vaccination site will continue to be an option, but appointments are preferred.

There are no residency requirements to get a vaccination, but photo identification is required.

The links to register for either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine are available on the MCDH’s COVID-19 Vaccine Locations page.

Appointments for clinics managed by MCDH staff will remain available through the State of Illinois COVID-19 vaccine registration system, https://covidvaccination.dph.illinois.gov/.

Appointments at the McHenry site will no longer appear on the State’s registration system.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Curative to support mass vaccination efforts in McHenry County.

We’ve had huge successes in getting our residents vaccinated, and this opportunity helps us streamline the day-to-day operations of the McHenry clinic now that demand for the vaccine has slowed,” said MCDH Public Health Administrator Melissa Adamson.

Additional pop-up vaccination clinics are held in McHenry County through community-based organizations and pharmacies. McHenry County residents are encouraged to explore

their vaccination options and take the first available appointment.
For additional information or to book an appointment at the McHenry vaccination site, please visit https://bit.ly/MCDHCOVIDVaxLoc or call the MCDH COVID-19 Call Center at (815) 334-4045.


Employee-Friendly Hours Set for McHenry Coronavirus Vaccination Site — 20 Comments

  1. “Vaccinations are free, but those with medical insurance will be asked to provide information when scheduling an appointment” Sounds like weasel wording.

    Is it true that they charge your insurance $40 for the administration of the shot itself?

  2. The fools that chose fear over reality that wear masks and accept poisonous jabs are the morons that threw the world into this genocide. This lie would disappear in five seconds if everyone would STOP with the fear. DO NOT COMPLY!

  3. Biden and the news media tout the magic number of ‘70% of Americans vaccinated for herd immunity’ which is supposed to happen by July 4th.

    No mention of those people who have recovered from covid and ‘because science’ already have the antibodies as party of herd immunity.

    Does the percentage of vaccinated Americans being currently reported by the media and Administration include all Americans including undocumented immigrants?

  4. Interesting AP poll in mask wearing and social distancing.

    Fully vaccinated are the highest percentage of mask wearers.

    Let that sink in….

    the ones claiming they are following “science” don’t even know the definition of “vaccinated” can’t make this crap up.

    No doubt the same idiots wearing a mask alone in car, while excercise gets outside and hopefully not breeding anymore.

    More evidence the in-churched have a new religion.



  5. “No doubt the same idiots wearing a mask alone in car, while excercise gets outside and hopefully not breeding anymore.

    More evidence the in-churched have a new religion.”

    English is hard.

  6. Thanks to Trump with warp speed on the vaccines.

    Don’t forget if you don’t get vaccinated you don’t get free tickets to Six Flags

    NO vaccine = NO free tickets

    And Cindy if you’re not vaccinated make sure you WEAR your mask in the stores

  7. Alabama, lol.

    You got me.

    So much for my old eyes and a smart phone.

    I do believe you know what I meant so easier to deflect, but that’s on me.

    The Fauci-ites are extremely stupid.

    I’ll assume you’re not one of the dim wits wearing a mask after vaccination or while alone in the car, or while exercising outside.

    Bad enough these idiots subjected themselves willingly to an lab experiment while claiming to be following “Science”

  8. Good Day? I thought you said that you got the “vax”. That means you are “safe”, then. Why would you care if anybody wears a mask? You truly are a moron! Do you even know how to read what you just wrote?

  9. I care because some elderly people don’t have the vaccine and people like you that pretend they have been vaccinated and not wear a mask places could get them sick Cindy. Keep your mask on Cindy you dip shit.

    Koumingtang. Hahahahaha

  10. Good Day? You have no idea who I am or you completely do NOT understand anything I have said EVER. I suppose that mask you wear in your car alone has taken so much oxygen from your pea brain that you will NEVER be able to catch up. Satan loves your stupidity AND how you think you are opposition to people that are thoughtful, well-read, and have a modicum of common sense with a peppering of street smarts. Enjoy Hell, you are halfway there.

  11. Never said anything about being a Christian! You are a fool! Good Day!

  12. You sure have. You might want to check your other posts telling people to have fun in Hell.

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