Day of Decision in Algonquin on Brian Dianis Trustee Appointment

Brian Dianis

Will the Algonquin Village Board react or even discuss the revelations of Trustee designate Dianis’ Twitter posts and Campaign Contributions to the Lincoln Project or 16 Democratic candidates across the country since 2017?

Will local Donald Trump supporters or Republicans show up to object to Dianis’ social media statements?

Will anyone show up to discuss the matter, or will the meeting last 5 minutes as planned?

The special meeting of the Algonquin Village Board is scheduled for 7:25PM CDT at the Ganek Municipal Complex at 2200 Harnish Drive in Algonquin.

The meeting is scheduled to last five minutes, which will be followed by a regularly scheduled Village Board Committee of the Whole meeting to start at 7:30PM.

Village of Algonquin frequently schedules back-to-back meetings, and while the posted agendas for tonight say the special Village Board meeting will last 5 minutes, if enough speakers show up, the Village will follow its normal practice of letting public comment take as long as necessary, even if the meeting will last a half hour.

So no excuse for people who want to express feedback of any kind to the Dianis trustee appointment to not show. If they want to have their say, they’ll get it.

As stated over the weekend and Monday on McHenry County Blog, the Dundee Township Republican Organization (DTRO) which includes 28% of Algonquin’s population urges Dianis to not be appointed trustee because he’s “partisan” and “divisive”.

But the DTRO has been challenged to do more than be digital keyboard warriors. Will the DTRO, beginning with its precinct committeepersons who represent Algonquin like DTRO Chairman Mike Bielak of Algonquin or others show up tonight and address concerns over Dianis’ Twitter statements and campaign contributions to Democrats?

What about aspiring candidates for next year’s June primary election?

What about elected or appointed Republican officials in both McHenry and Kane counties who have a rare chance to defend Donald Trump and Republican U.S. Senators whom Dianis actively opposed through campaign contributions and tweets/retweets objecting to Dianis openly and publicly?

Speaking of Republicans, where are the McHenry County Republicans? How about Algonquin Township Republicans? Will Grafton Township Republicans, with 3 precincts in the village of Algonquin, through its Chairman Orville Brettman object to the Dianis appointment given what has been learned about him since Friday?

Or will Grafton Township Republicans pull their golf outing from Algonquin’s Golf Club of Illinois as a form of protest to the Dianis appointment to send an additional message if the Village Board seats Dianis?

While the expectation is Dianis’ appointment will be made by Algonquin Village President Debby Sosine and the five trustees will vote to approve it with their advice and consent and Dianis’ swearing-in will take place, will the community let the expected outcome take 5 minutes, or a little longer?

Will the trustees vote on Dianis’ appointment be unanimous approval, or will a trustee or two vote “no” or at least vote “present” given what has been learned about Dianis since Friday?

Commenter “Correcting” asked an interesting question — why did President Sosine go with Dianis opposed to former Trustee Janis Jasper, who lost her seat in the April 6 election. Jasper is a woman of color, but does Dianis’ qualifications outweigh Jasper’s in spite of Jasper unseating Dianis in the 2017 village elections?

Jasper was openly backed by the McHenry County Democrats in the April election, so both break even as far as political party alignment.

Something else “Correcting” asked was what Dianis had campaigned previously in his 5 campaigns for village trustee since 2003. His 2017 candidate profile is still available on Patch and can be viewed here.

An excerpt from the Patch profile in response to the best advice ever shared with Dianis is relevant.

“Former Algonquin police Chief Russ Laine once told me that everyone needs to take the ‘point,’ to be willing to step up to lead and put themselves in a vulnerable position.”

Then-Trustee Brian Dianis, 2017 Candidate response, Patch


Putting oneself in a “vulnerable position” definitely would describe how Dianis’ social media activity and campaign contributions, reported through the Federal Election Commission (FEC), finds him now, at least to some.

Will anybody care to show up at the Algonquin Village Board meeting tonight and voice their views, will be known at 7:25PM CDT at the Ganek Municipal Complex?


Day of Decision in Algonquin on Brian Dianis Trustee Appointment — 18 Comments

  1. Does McHenry County Blog plan on sending a reporter to the meeting for a summary and/or pictures? Cal has a pretty good camera and lives in the same township, but I don’t know what his schedule is like.


    I’d be fine if they skipped the golf outting. Golf is sort of a rich people sport and it’s not a beginner friendly game at all. Some commenters made suggestions. Tiddlywinks was one of them. Croquet was another. I haven’t played tiddlywinks in a while but croquet is fun and pretty much anybody can play. Almost anything would be preferable to golf as far as I’m concerned. Mini golf, frisbee golf, ultimate frisbee, basketball, soccer, basic card games (like poker, Rummy, Go Fish) Uno, backgammon, checkers, Chinese checkers, Chutes and Ladders, Hungry Hungry Hippos, chess, Bingo, Sorry, Trouble, Battleship, Clue, Risk, Life, Monopoly, Magic the Gathering, Connect 4, Guess Who, darts, billiards, bag toss, etc.

    Throw in tournies with money prizes, raffles, and auctions.

    Political parties should host social gatherings with fun, games, and music to attract more people. Do some charity drives too.

    The problem is the political people aren’t creative.

    They’re a bunch of squares.

    You have to make people associate politics to community.

    Politics comes from the word polis which is city. But this isn’t just a geographic/territorial concept.

    It’s a concept of citizens with shared duties and interests.

    You can’t divorce fun and camaraderie from the political (city, community) life or you end up with a very cold and cruel form of politics.

    It turns into non-human kind of bleep bleep bloop bloop robotic calculation where the only thing that matters is data analytics.

    The people turn into numbers and lose their souls, and by treating them as mere numbers you lose your soul as well.

    Golf is better than nothing!

    But I hope they are more creative next time and do something that is more inclusive.

  2. Again, the folks who complain most about cancel culture engage in it the most.

    As someone else has aptly noted, that is the height of hypocrisy.

    I think the fella was from Galilee.

  3. Algonquin is a scummy place and Dianis will make it even scummier.

  4. Out of curiosity Primate, what is the passage to which you are referring?

    The one where the fella from Galilee spoke of the height of hypocrisy.

    I would love to read it.

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Chase Gioberti

    Glad to oblige. I’m referring to the Sermon on the Mount.

    Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye ?
    Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye ?
    Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother’s eye.

    — Matthew 7:1–5, King James Version (Matthew 7:1–5) (emphasis added).

  6. Correcting

    Your observation is merely an attempt at deflection.

    The point of Christ’s message was to condemn as a hypocrite anyone engaging in the same type of conduct (cancel culture) they condemned others for.

    I don’t believe Christ would consider this as being deceitful if applied to conservatives.

    Do you ?

  7. Primate- of course the Lord is referring to eternal judgement, not judgement of earthly behavior.

    Surely you must know this, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site judging other commenters as you so often do.

    I will grant you that he did say the word “hypocrisy” in the passage, but you missed the meaning of the passage by a country mile.

  8. Also Primate said Jesus referred to the “height of hypocrisy”.

    He talked about hypocrites quite a bit.

    When did he speak of the height of hypocrisy?

    Thanks in advance.

  9. How the hell would I know what Jesus would think about a village board???

    I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t care too much for all your baby killing and perverse ideas about sex, but you won’t talk about that because it’s not convenient.

    I can tell you that if the roles were reversed, Democrats would be pissing and moaning.

    Democrats would have no problem being “hypocrites.”

    You sit here and warn about PRECEDENT and what might happen if we go down this path… we’re already on it dummy and you’re the one who started it.

    Your party allowed the country to burn to the ground for months and didn’t say anything.

    Your party showed up to shoe stores and banks to protest county board members who voted the “wrong” way.

    So there is no “Republicans are being hypocrites.”

    There is no “If Republicans start cancelling people, it could backfire on them…”

    The cancelling has started already.

    “If we judge people, then they’re gonna judge us bro and that would be bad!”

    Yeah, that’s already happening…

    Go pretend to be a Christian somewhere else.

  10. Flash to the future:

    Innocent Primate found with head bashed in.

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