Cary Police Announced Program to Reward Kids Wearing Helmets

From the Cary Police Department:

Helmet Safety Incentive Program

The Cary Police Department is excited to announce our participation in a helmet incentive program sponsored by Pediatric Associates of Barrington, Breaking Bread, Country Donuts and Culvers.

During the summer months our personnel will be on the lookout for children wearing helmets while riding their bikes, scooters, skates, etc.

Children seen wearing their helmets may receive a coupon for a free donut (Country Donuts), ice cream (Culvers), or order of fries (Breaking Bread)

Thank you to our generous sponsors for making this campaign possible.


Cary Police Announced Program to Reward Kids Wearing Helmets — 22 Comments

  1. Finally something good for the residents from Cary PD.

    Officers getting out of their cars, going up to kids and rewarding them in person for doing the right thing.

    Good Deal, glad to learn this.

    Hoping for more ways to do this type of interaction with residents, with getting officers out of their cars and meeting residents.

    This aint Chicago, we like our Police.

  2. Bob Wire: Idiot

    Back the Blue!

    Blue cannot be trusted. Ask Comey and Garland.

    Cops protect trannies, illegal aliens and black thugs.

  3. Silly. There are so many numerous things that parents teach their children about in conduct and other matters and then children mostly respond positively with their actions. So what about these other dozens, hundreds of things that children learn and then act accordingly in a positive manner.

  4. The police find away to engage the youth of the village in something positive and the morons still find something negative to say.

    Hixon-the cops are not forcing kids to wear them.

    They are reinforcing that behavior with a reward while on their patrol.

    No waste of time or effort.

    Don’t you haters have enough to worry about with the Woodstock Pride parade coming up?

  5. Just like Operation Click used to do with teens in Crystal Lake before District 155 dumped the home-grown program.

  6. Pookorny, perhaps it’s time to grow a pair and smell the coffee.

    The only thing I hate is corruption and govt officials swanning around pretending to work.

  7. Are you going to be in the parade pookorny? If so, I may go with a dozen eggs.

  8. Are you threatening me, coward who hides behind the screen name.

    You wouldn’t have the balls.

    Typical of a low IQ “white man”.

    If you are in fact a man.

    More of a child me thinks.

    Scat jokes.

    That shows some real maturity.

    Who cares what you hate.

    You and the rest of the Hitler youth on this page hate everything.

    I suppose you prefer the men in blue just beating up people.

    By the way, I have balls, at least I will put my name on what I say, unlike you, you coward.

  9. They can’t end up as fat blue-haired trannies if they aren’t fattened up first.

    Eat your fries, donuts and Culver’s kids!

    Don’t forget your jabs when you’re old enough!

  10. I saw a load of comments and had to see what people could be complaining about on this thread.

    The answer, as usual, just about anything.

    This is basic community policing.

    Cops 101.

  11. I was at a Cary parade and one of the police officers wouldn’t even wave at the kids so I think it’s great that they are doing this.

  12. Will the Cary cops be supervising the forced vaccine programs being hatched now!

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